PR Newswire Latest To Nip 'High-Frequency Trading'

PR Newswire on Wednesday announced it has agreed with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and will “certify” that recipients of its direct data feed will not use the data for high-frequency trading. Business Wire and Marketwired made similar agreements with Schneiderman earlier this year.

“High-frequency traders can use information in the milliseconds before it becomes widely available to other investors, effectively skimming from the rest of the investing public,” stated Schneiderman. “Today’s agreement is another important step toward curbing Insider Trading 2.0.”

Additionally, PR Newswire will advise its users that want to release information at the close of the markets to do so no earlier than 4:01 p.m. ET. The company claims to be the first news distribution firm to advise a 4:01 p.m. release time for companies looking to make “after close” announcements. The added minute -- “after close” announcements are usually released at 4:00 p.m. -- is meant to “ensure that high-frequency traders do not have the ability to trade on the news in the milliseconds after the closing bell,” per a release.



PR Newswire notes that they had previously withheld providing its “primary direct data feed to high-frequency traders,” and that “today’s agreement turns that practice into a formal policy.” PR Newswire customers will “certify annually that the direct data feeds they receive will not be used for high-frequency trading,” per the release.

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