Tunepics Lets You Share Pics with Music

Okay, I admit that nowadays my usual reaction when a new social network or app launches is “meh that’s nice.” But this one actually looks kind of cool. Called Tunepics, it’s a new iOS app that allows users to share images with an accompanying song -- a sensory combination that is perfectly designed to evoke an emotional response and therefore allow you to share your “mood” with your friends.

Like many other new social apps, Tunepics, which was designed by Innovate7 and created by AKQA, combines elements from several other popular platforms to create a new experience. It integrates iTunes to allow users to match their photos to over 35 million songs in the iTunes library -- or rather previews of songs. 

They can also add photo filters (including weather overlays), similar to Instagram, and select colors and moods from an “emotion wheel” to more perfectly convey their emotional state, sort of like various music apps including Musicovery.

To spread the word (er, mood), users can of course share the Tunepics app via Facebook, Twitter, and text messages. If you like another user’s Tunepic post, you can share it by “re-tuning” it. And while Tunepics isn’t backed by Apple, the tech giant clearly stands to benefit if users are inspired to buy the full versions of songs previewed on the app along with images shared by their friends -- with Tunepics picking up some revenue from affiliate sales.

It’s also not at all difficult to imagine some advertisers going crazy with Tunepics, as intangible but nonetheless discernible qualities of mood and sensibility are central to brand identities spanning categories like lifestyle, fashion, jewelry, automotive, and travel, to name just a few. On that note innovate7’s founder, Justin Cooke, used to head up global PR for Burberry.

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