How To Do Facebook: A Primer

Create a Page. Add a cover image. Add a thumbnail. Add content. Ask your friends to like it. Secure your Page name.

Post often. Not too often. Post at a different time than everyone else does. Post when everyone else is online.

Have an authentic voice. Have a brand voice. Be appropriate. Don’t offend, but don’t be boring.

Use visuals. Use video. Use text. Be original. Be shareable. Be funny. Be shocking. Be pithy  -- but provide enough information to titillate.

Be genuine. But use formula headlines: “By the third paragraph of this Online Spin article, I was amazed. By the sixth, my jaw was on the floor.”

Don’t talk about yourself. But share about yourself. Don’t sell. Have empathy. 

Connect with customers. Nurture relationships. Respond to comments. Grow your fan base, but don’t pay for fans -- paid fans don’t really care about you.

Reward true fans. Give sneak peeks. Give early access. Give special offers. Run contests. Don’t run contests.



Share your difficulties. Be vulnerable. Take responsibility. But don’t whine. Be forward-looking. Be problem-solving. Be proactive.

Invest time -- but not too much time. Strive for volume. Monitor reach. Track click-throughs. Measure. Analyze. Boost posts. Don’t boost posts. Run ads. Don’t run ads. Calculate ROI.

Change tactics when Facebook policy changes. Invest in proprietary platforms. Learn. Adapt.

Give up. Don’t give up. Rinse. Repeat.


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