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  • Three Essential Leadership Traits In The Digital Age in Media Insider on 07/06/2018

    "Leadership" is one of those words like "sustainability." There are dozens of Ph.D. programs on the topic, thousands of books, a million different interpretations and angles. Notwithstanding all this content, the scale at which we're operating means we need to talk about leadership now more than ever. Decisions about things like artificial intelligence, biotechnology, corporate governance and more affect billions of people. And things that are innocuous at a small scale can create huge challenges when scaled up. Marshmallows are delicious; the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is devastating.

  • What It Would Take For Facebook To Stop Manipulating Us in Media Insider on 06/22/2018

    Several months ago, I decided to take steps to reclaim my own attention.

  • What Facebook Is Good (And Not Good) For in Media Insider on 06/08/2018

    We gathered to raise a glass, just a half dozen of us. We knew him from high school, which had come to a capped and gowned end more than 25 years earlier. Some of us had been closer with him than others, but we all had a similar sense of him: big smile. Huge heart. Funny. Friendly. Made you feel good. Heartbreaking that he was gone.

  • Facebook's Actions Fail To Align With Zuck's Grander Visions in Media Insider on 05/25/2018

    "Facebook stands for bringing us closer together and building a global community," said founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his 2017 manifesto. He went on to describe, at length, the role the social network can play in helping people build supportive, safe, informed, civically engaged, and inclusive communities. It was a warm and fuzzy vision of the world, seen by many as an indication that Zuckerberg was preparing a political move. To some, however, Zuckerberg's manifesto seemed the height of irony.

  • Advertising Ignorance Is Not Bliss in Media Insider on 05/11/2018

    It's no wonder Facebook's efforts at transparency continually fall short of the full story. If people had true transparency, in real time, Facebook's business would fall apart. Outrage! Horror! It's easy to point the finger at Facebook. It's a huge company with a highly visible single leader. But this isn't just a Facebook problem, or a Google one, or a LinkedIn one. It is so so so much bigger than that.

  • Finally! The Burning Platform Use Case For Blockchain in Media Insider on 04/27/2018

    We have built an entire social, legal and political ecosystem designed to enable the ordinary transactions of commerce. And if it ain't broke... Which brings us to last month's cyberattack on the city of Atlanta. Hackers infected the city's systems with the SamSam virus and then demanded around $52,000 (payable in Bitcoin) in ransom money.

  • Zuckerberg's Talk About User Control Is Meaningless in Media Insider on 04/13/2018

    Behind Zuckerberg's overly solicitous proclamations of user control sits a hard truth: You can give people as much control you want over who sees their information. It won't make a dang bit of difference--because Facebook is asking the wrong questions.

  • Self-Driving Cars? We're Already In Danger in Media Insider on 03/30/2018

    Uber's crash of a self-driving car brings reflections on using technology to make the world a better place -- for everyone.

  • Facebook Failing On Fake News -- But There's A Better Way in Media Insider on 03/16/2018

    It feels almost like "Groundhog Day": the top brass at Facebook saying, "Oh, did we get it wrong? Were you offended by what we did? We didn't mean to upset you. We're only learning. We'll get better. Trust us!" We've heard this from them many times over the past decade and more, about a wide range of misbehaviors. But in the past few years we've been hearing it about the same issue, over and over again.

  • Automation's Impact On Employment Is Already Here in Media Insider on 03/02/2018

    On February 26, 1928, the New York Times ran a headline: "March of the Machine Makes Idle Hands." The subhead: "Prevalence of Unemployment with Greatly Increased Industrial Output Points to the Influence of Labor-Saving Devices as an Underlying Cause." This was still two years before John Maynard Keynes would coin the term "technological unemployment" -- but over a century after people had begun to fear the concept.

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