Facebook Users Spend 39 Minutes a Day on Network

Just over half of the U.S. population (52.8%) is on Facebook, and on average these Facebook users spend 39 minutes per day on the social network, according to the latest stats from eMarketer. If you average this figure out across the entire U.S. population, the average American adult still spends 21 minutes per day on Facebook. That represents one third of time spent by U.S. adults on social networks, 6% of all time spent with digital media, and 2.8% of time spent with all forms of media.

The latter figures are actually down slightly from last year, when Facebook use accounted for 6.2% of time spent with digital media and 2.7% of time spent with all forms of media. In the same report eMarketer predicts that total time spent with all forms of media will come to 12 hours and 28 minutes in 2014, up 21 minutes from 2013.

When measured against the amount of time spent, Facebook is also capturing a disproportionate volume of ad dollars, taking 10% of all digital ad spending compared to 6% of total time spent. Overall digital media will get 30.5% of major media ad spending in 2014, eMarketer forecasts, even though digital will account for 47.2% of total time spent with media, at 5 hours and 46 minutes per day.



Focusing on specific categories, digital video will account for 15.9% of adults’ digital media time in 2014, but will get just 11.7% of digital advertising dollars, while online radio programming with get 11.2% of time spent with digital medial, but just 4% of digital ad dollars. By contrast TV will get 41.2% of all ad spending, slightly more than its 37.3% share of time spent.

Interestingly U.S. adults will spend even more time with digital radio service Pandora than they do with Facebook  in 2014, at 7.1% of digital media time, eMarketer predicts. However Pandora will only get 1.4% of digital ad dollars; eMarketer notes that digital radio, like broadcast, is often on in the background in contrast to Facebook’s high engagement factor.

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