Beyond The Holiday: 3 Other Ways To Celebrate With Mom In November

As you head to the store to pick up your bag of Halloween candy and last-minute costume items, you will notice that sitting next to the brightly lit jack-o-lanterns are brightly lit Christmas trees. Yes, it appears that the holiday shopping season is upon us and as soon as Nov. 1 hits, you might find yourself in a full holiday panic. 

Not all moms are happy about the rush of the holiday season. In fact, a 2013 study from Burst Media discovered that more than 60% of consumers planned to start their holiday shopping after Thanksgiving (this number includes those who planned to wait until the last minute)—this gives brands an entire month of non-holiday promotional opportunities. 

This November, I challenge you to think beyond the traditional holidays and help mom celebrate these great occasions: 

Daylight Savings Time—Sunday, Nov. 2

Campaign Idea: Celebrate Your Extra Hour 

Have moms share what they will be doing with their extra hour by posting images and messages on your company Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. Choose one winner and help her truly live her “extra hour celebration” by providing products and services that will help her achieve the “extra hour” goal. For example, if you are a restaurant and your winner will be spending her extra hour making a fabulous meal for her family, award her a private cooking lesson with your chef. A mattress store may want to award its winner with a new mattress and bedding to help her achieve the personal goal of getting one extra hour of sleep. 

Veteran’s Day—Tuesday, Nov. 11

Campaign Idea: Honor Military Moms and Families 

Show support for the military moms and/or spouses in your community by creating an event that will connect them to each other as well as make them feel more connected to those they love who are serving our country. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, host an evening event where moms and wives can come together to create personal care packages for their loved ones—make sure childcare is available for those moms with very young children. If you do not have your own location, consider partnering with another business to offer your services for such an event. For example, a photographer can offer to take family photos to send in the care packages. 

Small Business Saturday—Saturday, Nov. 29

Campaign Idea: Let’s Get Local

Promote your local connections to your community by highlighting the partnerships you have with other small businesses on this day. Restaurants can offer meals made with locally sourced ingredients that include kid-friendly information on local farms, bookstores can bring in local authors for book readings and clothing stores can partner with jewelry stores to do a holiday fashion event—complete with local moms as models. 

What will you be celebrating with mom this November?

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