Report: Online Video Casts Wider Net To Auto, Restaurants, Finance

A broader range of marketers are spending money in online video campaigns with increased share of spending coming from auto, restaurants, financial services, entertainment and travel brands.

That’s one of the top-level findings in a new report from ad platform Videology analyzing impressions delivered across its service in the third quarter. Ads for consumer packaged goods have led the charge quarter over quarter every year, but their share has dropped from 36% of all ads to 25% of all video ads for the third quarter of 2014 compared to the year before. That’s because a wider array of marketers are now taking advantage of online video advertising, Videology says in its just-released report.

The ad tech vendor also found that about one-third of video ad campaigns for the third quarter were cross-platform: an increase of 59% from the quarter before. These are promising findings that continue to underscore the broad reach of video ads across screens and categories. Campaigns that linked computers and mobile devices rose from 17% of the total in the second quarter to 25% in the third quarter, while campaigns that ran across the three screens of computers, mobile phones and connected TVs rose from 5% to 10% of all campaigns. Overall, 60% of campaigns were PC-only.

The average ad length is 15 seconds. About 64% of spots were that length, while 35% were 30 seconds. News and entertainment sites continue to dominate as the homes for video ads. About 39% of video ads were seen on news sites and 36% on entertainment sites.

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