White House To Unveil Privacy 'Bill Of Rights'

The White House will unveil a proposed privacy “bill of rights” by the end of next month, President Obama said on Monday.

The measure will set out “basic baseline protections across industries,” Obama said.
He signaled that the bill will limit companies' ability to collect data from consumers without their consent.

The bill also appears likely to include prohibitions against collecting data for one purpose and then using it for a different one. The administration first floated the idea of a privacy bill of rights in 2012, but didn't propose specific legislation at the time.

Obama announced the upcoming bill in a speech delivered on Monday at the Federal Trade Commission, where he also said the administration will introduce other a law preventing marketers from using students' data for advertising. “Data collected on students in the classroom should only be used for educational purposes, to teach our children, not to market to our children,” Obama said.

The president also said the administration plans to back a comprehensive data-breach notification bill, which would require companies to notify consumers within 30 days of a security breach.

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