Product Videos Boost Ecommerce Spend

Memo to marketers: Put your brand video on the product’s home page.

That’s the top-level finding from a study on the role video plays in driving e-commerce. The presence of video can increase the average order value by about 50%, according to research conducted by LiveClicker. The company surveyed its online retail customers across 14 verticals that delivered more than 12.5 million video plays each quarter to determine trends.

The result? About 88% of brands said that their conversion rates increased when video was placed on product pages. Those retailers that integrated video on the majority of their product pages saw a 79% higher conversion rate to purchase than when video was on only a few pages.

Brands also benefit when they keep the videos on their sites fresh. Order value can increase as videos are kept active and optimized for mobile, for instance. The more videos the customer watches, the higher the average order value, the survey found.

Making sure product videos play well on mobile screens is vital. LiveClicker reports that mobile devices comprised 19% of e-commerce video plays in 2013, a number that rose to more than 25% in 2014. And percentages will only continue to grow higher.

LiveClicker, of course, has skin in the game. The company offers video commerce solutions. Nonetheless, these findings align with those from other firms, including research from Invodo showing that online shoppers who view videos about a product are nearly twice as likely to make the purchase.

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  1. Jessica Thorpe from EXPO, February 12, 2015 at 9:53 p.m.

    Great article Daisy, this is pretty consistent with the data we are seeing for consumer video on retail pages. In fact, in a study we did on a major retailer website with RB, we saw product videos drive 30% incremental revenue lift.

    And if the proof is in the placement, you have to believe that brands are seeing success given the placement of video directly near the hero image on Amazon product pages:

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