Salesforce Analytics App - Revolutionizing Business Analytics

Technology is creating a mobile workforce, no longer tethered to a desktop. This has created a need for on-the-go, actionable data that can also be shared with those back at the office, the need to access CRM via the Cloud.

MediaPost’s 2015 Appy entrant, Salesforce, addresses this need with its Salesforce Analytics Cloud, powered by Wave. This app revamps business analytics, serving IT, analysts and any end user whose job depends upon reacting to consumer data. The platform gives companies the data they need with a focus on UX. We spoke with the company to find out more.

APPY: How is Salesforce Analytics Cloud different from other analytics platforms? What makes it innovative?

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is designed for the under-served business user with a mobile-first approach. Many other platforms develop solutions for analysts/experts that need heavy IT intervention but Wave empowers anyone - a sales manager on the road or a customer service manager - to explore any data source, uncover any new insights, and take actions instantly from any device. Furthermore these insights can be shared with anyone in the organization. Wave uses a schema-free approach to bring together a dynamic user experience, a schema-free approach, indexed search and a powerful computing engine into a single, vertically integrated cloud analytics platform. 

APPY: Are there particular industries or markets that are more targeted for your product?

Analytics is designed for the business user but is industry-agnostic. Whether it is consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, or manufacturing, every industry has a strong need to find analytics to run their business and gain a competitive advantage. Our customers use Wave to identify their top customers, investigate churn and retention levels, and ensure high customer satisfaction

APPY: What are some of the coolest feature of the app?

While it is hard for us to pick our favorite baby, we will say the most important feature apart from the interesting visualization is the ability to share a dashboard or a visual composition, which we call a lens, via Salesforce's enterprise social tool called Chatter. Collaboration is critical to get the job done. We empower users to find their insights, annotate their findings, and then share this with their colleagues right from the app!

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