The Preggers App

Today, we profile APPY entrant “Preggers” by MobileSmith. The company provides simple, cutting-edge app development experiences, enabling the integration of data onto a mobile app development platform without writing any code.

MobileSmith identified healthcare as an industry that could benefit from such a service. One resulting app, “Preggers”, fulfills an industry need and provides the end user an informative and engaging way to track her pregnancy. 

MP: How did the idea for this app came about?

MS: Less than 5% percent of U.S. healthcare providers offer branded apps to their patients.  While 100,000+ third-party health apps are available, practically none of them are customizable, and only a few offer proven, comprehensive information.  At the same time, multiple research shows that when it comes to mobile advice, patients still trust their healthcare provider the most.  So, creating a branded pregnancy app for hospitals was a no-brainer.  

Our customer Customized Communications, a medical publishing company that sells pregnancy- and childbirth-related content to healthcare providers nationwide, partnered with MobileSmith to release their award-winning The Gift of Motherhood app.  

The MobileSmith platform allows not only creating multiple apps without programming, but also easily replicating/reskinning and customizing apps.  We used the main app blocks created for the Gift of Motherhood and made a model pregnancy app – “Preggers”.   

MP: How is Preggers Unique from other pregnancy apps in the market?

MS: From the client’s point of view, “Preggers” was created entirely without programming, by two graphic designers, and took only a few days to create.  It can be reskinned and customized for any healthcare provider in a matter of days.  

From the end-user point of view, “Preggers” is comprehensive, covering all aspects of an expectant mom’s journey, and it’s packed with interactive functionality. App content can be updated on-the-fly, without resubmitting or re-downloading the app. 

MP: What variables does “Preggers” track?

MS: Weight, appointments, fetal kicks and contractions. In addition, users can view weekly milestones based on due date, keep a pregnancy journal, put together a packing list and create a customized contact list with tap-to-email and tap-to-call

“Preggers” is available for iOS and Android smartphones. 

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