Nine Years, 200 Columns - And More to Come

This column marks a milestone: the 200th column since my first Email Insider debuted on Sept. 27, 2006, and I became a regular contributor on July 25, 2007.

That first column established the framework for how I approached nearly all of my contributions: a combination of relevant topics, high-level strategic thinking and tactical ideas marketers can implement right away, infused with my own experiences and personality.

Columns Worth Another Look

As I looked through my list of columns, I found a few favorites and a couple that took on surprising lives of their own. Below are some of those I recommend for a second look, along with a few reader comments:

1. Fun and Favorites

These columns are either my own favorites or those that were popular with readers, as measured by the number of comments and shares on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. (Note: When MediaPost changed its content-management system several years back, the move wiped out comments and social sharing numbers up to that point, so activity reflects just comments and shares after the change.)



2. Ideas Inspired from Outside Email

My outside reading often yields new perspectives that I can apply to email marketing:

3. Practical/Tactical Tips

High-level strategy discussions set the stage for key topics, but tactical approaches help make those strategies work:

4. Think Differently

These three columns offer fresh perspectives to help marketers grow and prosper. They also feature three of my favorite themes:

Gretchen Scheiman (former Email Insider columnist): "You gave exactly the types of examples that help clients visualize how to use their data better. With all the hype about big data, it's refreshing to hear it made simple again."

5. Personal Viewpoints

The "Loren" column generated some of the most extensive commentary and shares, because everyone has experienced a personalization nightmare. The "Stefan" column eulogizes Stefan Pollard, a colleague and friend to many in the email community:

Kym Vance, VP Email Solutions for Launchpad Marketing CloudL "I have a copy handy, and when someone comes in with an issue, I tell them 'Look at this first.  If your issue is on this list, turn around, and walk right back out the door.'"

6. Strategy/Leadership

My work with clients in recent years has made me realize that the biggest challenge isn't so much what to do, but figuring out what to do first and how to get it done.

What's Next?

So what will I write about next? I've always got ideas on the back burner, but you never know what will crop up between now and next time. Got something you'd like me to tackle? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading, for commenting and sharing over the years.

Until next time, take it up a notch!

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