Retail Through The Eyes Of Millennial Moms

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, the savviest retailers are inventing new ways to maintain relevance in their shoppers’ busy lives. As brick-and-mortar retailers are squeezed by the ease of online shopping and delivery, they must adapt to increase both shopper loyalty and frequency of visits. To do that, they’re finding interesting ways to incorporate themselves into their shoppers’ daily routines and lifestyles, providing a more personalized experience through broad-based outreach.

From in store amenities, such as restaurants and coffee bars, to yoga classes and monthly tasting tables, some creative retailers are getting significantly better at understanding how they can best accommodate both the needs and desires of their shoppers. No shopper group is more coveted by retailers than moms. However, when it comes to being “mom-friendly,” we see a lot of opportunity for improvement. 

Key Insight: If retailers can offer an easier shopping experience for moms, everyone wins. Store environments that are easy to navigate and accommodating for children enable moms to become loyal shoppers who can shop more often. 



Key Actionable Takeaway: Retailers should closely examine their store experience and ask their own mom shoppers how they can better meet their needs. Moms like to know that their opinions are being heard. If retailers are willing to listen and ask, they might be surprised what they can learn that will ultimately impact their bottom line.

So how can retailers better accommodate moms and their little ones? I recently had the opportunity to ask a group of Millennial moms (including several new moms) this very question. Below are some suggestions I developed based on what I heard from this group of mothers.

  • Make your store easy to navigate with kids in tow

One of the top suggestions I heard is for shops to offer shopping carts that can hold multiple children. In addition to carts, having wide aisles that strollers can easily maneuver through is also a concern.

  • Offer more than just a changing table

While space limitations may not always make it possible to offer parenting rooms, all moms know stores that offer nice, clean areas for feeding and changing are real gems. Moms I’ve spoken to report even going miles out of their way to shop at retailers that offer such a space for children. 

  • Provide parent parking spaces

The few times I’ve noticed expecting mother or parent parking, I was absolutely delighted. While this is indeed a luxury, it communicates to moms that your shop values their business and has gone the extra mile to accommodate them. I’ve heard many moms say that they are more inclined to shop at stores that offer easy parking. If parent parking is not possible, consider having a store staff member offer to help moms to their vehicles with their purchases.

  • Offer kid-friendly meal plans

Food retailers can help moms cut down on weekly meal planning time by serving up healthy, new meal ideas with babies and young children in mind. This list could be printed and placed in key areas of stores, such as where the shopping carts are, or the aisles where children’s products are stocked. It could also be featured on the retailer’s website, blog and social media sites, such as Pinterest.

  • Entertain and teach

As I visit a lot of retailers, especially grocery stores, I see a wide spectrum of children’s entertainment on offer. While having dedicated play areas in some stores can be nice, smaller gestures, such as offering a complimentary, healthy snack for children is something moms tell me they really appreciate. Unfortunately, a lot of stores offer kids complimentary lollipops. Instead of giving kids something sugary, why not use the opportunity to provide a teachable moment for moms and offer a healthy, organic snack of some sort.

What mom-friendly amenities or store design features have you noticed at retail shops? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting to @LisaMabe.

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