New Moms More Inclined To Shop Healthy

While browsing through the new live-streaming video app, Periscope, I recently came across a pregnant woman searching for healthy body care products in the supermarket. Like so many others, this first-time mom was on a mission to convert over to healthier products, in hopes that she could decrease the amount of unnecessary, and potentially harmful, chemicals in her body. Given my focus on marketing to moms, I was thrilled to virtually shop along with this new mom on Periscope. I watched as she carefully examined the ingredients listed on shampoo, lotions and soaps. 

The race is on to capture the Millennial mom market as a constant flow of new moms begin their journey into more conscious-consumption. The connection between our health and what we consume is fortunately at the forefront of more mothers’ minds. Brands and retailers who want to remain relevant and sustainable in this new age of conscious consumerism must accommodate moms’ desire to shop healthy.



Pregnant women feel an obligation to not only take good care of themselves, but also their babies. Many new moms are becoming zealous about avoiding harsh chemicals; some even going the extra mile to buy only certified organic, when at all possible. Health-conscious moms are not willing to leave their health (and the health of their babies) to chance; instead they are opting for natural and organic products. The mom I observed on Periscope ultimately chose a certified organic line of products; it’s likely that she will continue using that brand long-term now that she sees the value in going organic. 

It’s important to recognize that some moms like to feel validated and praised for making healthy choices; this is evident as you browse social media and see moms sharing photos and videos of the healthy products they are buying. Brands encouraging healthy lifestyles can encourage moms along their journey to shop healthier by giving them validation online. 

On the healthy retail front, I applaud Target’s Made to Matter collection, which features lots of brands relevant to moms, such as Seventh Generation, Babyganics, and Plum Organics. Whole Foods Market’s new concept, 365 by Whole Foods Market, will also be interesting as it will target health and budget-conscious Millennial shoppers. What brands and retailers do you see doing an outstanding job of targeting health-conscious, new moms? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting to me at @LisaMabe.

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