SpotXchange Undergoes A 'Change' - Rebrands As SpotX

Programmatic video supply-side platform (SSP) SpotXchange will change its name by dropping its spare “change." The company on Wednesday announced it has officially rebranded as SpotX.

The company, which sold a majority of its business to German broadcaster RTL Group last summer, is rebranding as “SpotX” to reflect the fact the company now does more than simply operate a video ad exchange. In addition to its marketplace, SpotX is now home to an ad server and SSP.

“[Publishers] want a solution that houses both programmatic (private and open marketplace) and direct sold campaigns in a single platform,” remarked Mike Shehan, founder and CEO of SpotX, in a prepared statement.

The company felt that the “Xchange” moniker pigeonholed perception in the former category.

“Publishers used to prioritize direct sales then push whatever was left into programmatic marketplaces,” Shehan added. “Now that direct sales and programmatic can be managed in a single platform, the us-versus-them mentality is fading.”



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