Forever Yours: Building CPG Brand Loyalty Through Personalized Video

The digital experience has improved leaps and bounds over the past decade, especially when it comes to being able to easily locate video content that matters to us. And while we accepted it for quite some time, being subjected to mass marketing messages is no longer tolerable. Now that audiences know that the power of digital video can—and should—provide them with relevant experiences, it’s not just welcomed, it’s expected. CPG brands aren’t off the hook either. It’s time for them to step up their game and create video content that both excites audiences and resonates with them.

Brand loyalty is no longer a given. CPG marketers need to continuously provide relevant experiences—especially to current loyalists—in order to keep them from having a wandering eye. With the constant emergence of new-and-shiny products in market, CPG marketers must remind audiences that they know who they are, what they want, and are willing to go the extra mile to provide meaningful, relevant experiences. 

In order to achieve this, marketers are taking a cue from audience behaviors that personalization helps maintain customer relationships. Over 56% of marketers cite gaining higher response and engagement rates as the number one reason for using personalized content. Agencies are also jumping on board with ensuring relevant ad experiences for audiences as nearly two-thirds are targeting ads based on behavioral data and geo-location. 

So what can CPG brands do to join the rest of the brands in the fight against vanilla video advertising? 

Get to know the locals

Certain products are simply a better fit for some audiences over others. For example, it’s not likely that many of those living in Arctic temperatures need a constant supply of sunscreen. Location majorly plays into product wants and needs, so possessing the ability to recommend items that your audience values and needs is a crucial step in leading consumers down the path-to-purchase, with trust and confidence in your brand. 

Using programmatic creative in video ads, advertisers can pull in and display a user’s weather forecast and then recommending products based on their weather conditions instantly adds a whole new level of relevance. Combined with a viewer’s current location, you can also offer store locators to the nearest retailer that carries your product lines, all within one interactive video. You can even dynamically swap in creative messages to use local promotions and terminology.

Keep them entertained

Give audiences something they don’t expect by offering amusing, interactive features in your video ads so that audiences can bring in their own personal preferences to their experience. Not only can interactive entertainment in video ads familiarize consumers with your products, but it also invites them into an experience that they would be more likely to remember and associate in a positive way with your brand for future purchases.

For instance, a leading cereal brand could create an interactive game within their video ad where users can catch falling pieces of their favorite breakfast cereal in a bowl, just using their mouse. This type of video lets audiences take control of their entertainment to explore more of what they want and build a memory with your brand. 

Get them involved

Online quizzes are everywhere lately—people are constantly taking them and sharing their results in social media feeds. So capitalize on inherent consumer behavior and incorporate both of these things into your online video strategy. Even a simple “which product is best for you?” type quiz let viewers answer questions based on their preferences and receive a product recommendation based on their result. By adding a “share now” button, audiences can share the results on social media, encouraging their networks to take your quiz and watch your video. These quizzes are fun and very share-worthy—it’s no wonder they go viral.

You can also engage audiences by combing social media and video and hold a contest that encourages them to upload video entries in exchange for possibly wining a grand prize. This gives them the opportunity to not only share their own content, but opens your brand up to more direct conversations with your audiences—and that’s invaluable. These results can also inform your next campaigns, better refine your messaging, and ensure brand loyalty.

It’s no surprise that consumers care most about content that is directly correlated to them and their desires. Adding that next level of personalization or inviting audiences to participate in an experience where their likes and dislikes can guide the outcome shows that your brand cares about giving them the most relevant and engaging experiences.

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