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Ashley Deibert

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  • VP Marketing iQ Media
  • Twitter: ashleydeibert
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania
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  • Building Relationships With Millennials, One Life Stage At A Time in Engage:Millennials on 03/31/2017

    Depending on who you're talking to, the mere mention of "millennials" will inspire a cringe or an eye-roll. The so-called "me" generation, which lives in the age of "participation trophies," both gets a bad rep and has advertisers falling over themselves to reach them.

  • Super Bowl Advertising: ROI Friend Or Foe? in Marketing: Sports on 02/01/2017

    Ah, the Super Bowl-the annual arranged marriage between sports' most-viewed event and TV's single-most expensive ad slot. While brands are guaranteed an audience at least 10 times larger than any other televised event, the debate persists as to whether the current $5 million price tag outweighs the value, with costs continuing to grow year after year.

  • 3 Things 2016 Taught Us About Millennials' Relationship With Media in Engage:Millennials on 12/30/2016

    As the dawn of a new year is once again upon us, it is abundantly clear that the majority of people are ready for 2016 to end. It was a year overcome with politically charged turmoil, Zika, (more) mass shootings, Brexit, the crisis in Syria, and, of course, the U.S. Presidential election, to name a few. One group, in particular, didn't hold back when it came to their feelings and backlash about this year. That's right: Millennials.

  • Can Earned Media Predict The Millennial Vote? in Engage:Millennials on 10/17/2016

    There are many aspects of the 2016 election cycle that make it one for the books. Candidates' personalities and personal lives aside, digital, social and TV are once again playing a huge role in shaping the way voters-especially millennials-think and share their opinions about the election.

  • Forever Yours: Building CPG Brand Loyalty Through Personalized Video  in Marketing: CPG on 09/30/2015

    The digital experience has improved leaps and bounds over the past decade, especially when it comes to being able to easily locate video content that matters to us. And while we accepted it for quite some time, being subjected to mass marketing messages is no longer tolerable. Now that audiences know that the power of digital video can-and should-provide them with relevant experiences, it's not just welcomed, it's expected. CPG brands aren't off the hook either. It's time for them to step up their game and create video content that both excites audiences and resonates with them.

  • 4 Ways to Get Shoppers to Actually Shop Your Holiday Video Ads  in Marketing: CPG on 07/29/2015

    A jar of spaghetti sauce or a bag of chips might not be the ideal Christmas gift, but CPG brands have a major opportunity to shine during the holidays. It's basically in their DNA to simplify consumers' lives and give them easy access to what they need, which is exactly what they'll be looking for as they begin planning holiday meals and preparing for a windfall of out-of-town guests.

  • 3 Things CPG Brands Must Know About Cross Device Campaigns in Marketing: CPG on 04/29/2015

    CPG brands are famous for the "blanket everything" approach to advertising and marketing. When a new campaign launches, you know it. There's not a taxi, billboard, TV screen, mobile device, or website that's not wearing a piece of branded content or hosting clickable, interactive messaging. Marketers who work with smaller brands with smaller budgets, on the other hand, are more likely to roll the dice-and spend their budgets-on a handful of the most seemingly strategic channels. Either way can work if your content matches the channel or device.

  • It's All Geek To Me in Marketing Daily on 04/06/2015

    Why brands and agencies are misaligned on marketing lingo and how to resolve it.

  • 'Me'-Centric Video Strategies For The 'Me' Generation in Video Insider on 03/06/2015

    While the debate rages on about what exactly drives Millennials' infamous "me, me, me!" reputation, it's still necessary for brands to acknowledge this attribute. Regardless of the why, we know that Millennials as a whole are more acutely aware of (and vocal about) their inherent value as consumers than previous generations. Here are three basic rules for creating video strategies with a "me"-centric audience in mind:

  • CPG Brands And The Fight Against Fragmentation in Marketing: CPG on 12/31/2014

    Once upon a time, digital was viewed a complement to TV, but today the amount of time people spend online is beginning to mirror the amount of TV viewing time.

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