Real Tease Blog: The Native Edition

Normally, I don’t like to tease important news stories in blogs, but there’s a significant finding in a new study of advertiser and agency perceptions of “native” advertising that is making me think about the “programmatic” marketplace in a new way. The study, part of Advertiser Perceptions Inc.’s ongoing tracking of ad executives self-reported perceptions of media, finds that a significant part of their native activity is now being managed programmatically. And it’s about to take off.

More than a quarter (26%) of native advertising is currently bought programmatically, and that is expected to jump to more than a third (34%) in 2016.

The finding is telling for me, because it shows how fast the programmatic media-buying marketplace is expanding outside of conventional media inventory. Why is that important? Because it means that programmatic isn’t just taking share from “manual” media-buying markets, but is actually expanding into new ones.

It’s also important, because it means advertisers and agencies are finding ways of dealing with the hyper-fragmentation of the media marketplace and are leveraging technology, data and automation to do more with less. There’s also a significant difference among advertisers and agencies in that regard, but you’ll have to check out tomorrow’s coverage of the overall report to find out about that



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