• Principles Vs. Principals: How Digital Platforms Have Shifted Liability
    GroupM's decision to pull out of the review for Facebook's account sheds light on an even bigger story: the increasing risk and liability of doing business with big digital media platforms.
  • As Ad Economy Continues Rebound, Fear Of Media Price Inflation Rises With It
    With general economic inflation ticking up in the U.S., there are indications that this may begin to impact advertising price inflation too, especially for high-demand media with pent-up demand for key consumer product categories.
  • Why I'm Rubbing, Not Wringing, My Hands Over The Demise Of Cookies
    Because I see how it re-elevates the role of premium content publishers, especially those who publish great journalism.
  • Why COVID Was The Real 'Disruption' Winner Of The Lions Festival
    After spending last week covering the Cannes Lions awards, I can tell you one of the festival's biggest winners went unannounced: the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Wavemaker Finds Consumers Becoming Less Attached To Brands, Especially Online
    Some startling new research from GroupM's Wavemaker unit reveals that the erosion of brand equity becomes much more exaggerated when consumers' "path to purchase" takes place online vs. the physical world.
  • Why Context Matters, Especially When It's Standing Right In Front Of You
    It may be too soon to proclaim that context is once again king, but a new report from the DPAA suggests it is finding its way back in the royal court.
  • Madison Avenue's New Impressionistic Movement
    After a brief flirtation with higher-order metrics, some major media are pushing to revert their advertising currencies to impressions-based measurement, albeit for different reasons.
  • The Downside Of The Upside
    It's been a while since I've written something truly upside down. So today, as we head into the first unofficial weekend of summer, I'd like to write about something downside up.
  • Why Public Safety Should Be The Next Big KPI For Media
    It's time Madison Avenue developed a new set of KPIs -- public safety ones -- measuring the direct and indirect role of ad spending on society, the physical health of people and the planet we live on.
  • Let's All Go To The Movies, Again: CDC Guidance Boosts Cinema Outlook
    The cinema ad industry is preparing for a strong -- if not blockbuster -- Memorial Day weekend, following last week's guidance from the CDC that fully vaccinated Americans can return to indoor public places without their masks.
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