• Real Time Vs. Algo Time
    Regardless of what happens with Elon Musk and Twitter, at least he's gotten us thinking more about the role of algorithms, and especially the rights of users to both understand and control how they work.
  • Why 'Onchain' Is The Next New Ad Industry Jargon
    "The future is 'onchain' instead of online," DMEXCO's organizers assert in a summit of their Web3-centered spring summit.
  • Most Objectionable Programming
    Back in the 80s when network prime-time TV was the alpha medium, NBC's Paul Klein coined the phrase "least objectionable programming." Fast-forward to 2022 and the concept is replaying itself online vis a vis TikTok and Meta's push to make "Reels" the mass medium format of choice.
  • All The News That's Fit To Be Fungible
    Large Hadron Colliders aside, "The New York Times" alters the headlines of 14% of its stories almost immediately and A/B tests 6% of them.
  • When Process Eats Methodology For Breakfast
    I'm channeling legendary management consultant Peter Drucker to explain how the inertia of ad industry culture is operating against its own best strategic interests.
  • When Form Follows Dysfunction
    Obama cited "product design" for disinformation's undermining of democracy, suggesting the outcome isn't unintentional, but engineered explicitly.
  • Getting Dicked Around
    I used to think the worst thing any brand could do to a consumer was to waste their time. But now I realize it's actually holding them captive.
  • The Most Important Media-Mix Study, So Far
    The findings show how adding TV into any mix boosts results. Duh.
  • Walking On The Moon, Watching The Beatles, Seeing A Sparks & Honey Culture Briefing
    "I sat in that room and Sparks & Honey, for one hour, talked about culture in a way that I'd never heard it talked about," Omnicom's Jonathan Nelson said during a 10th anniversary celebration.
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