• Lifetime Value (Or Any Part Of It)
    This blog was never supposed to be about "programmatic." At least not strictly speaking. It was supposed to be about time. How we trade it. How we communicate through and experience things through it. How we think about the value of everything, because of it.
  • Ads.txt Exceeds 50% Of Top 5,000 Programmatic Sites
    Ads.txt has reached another critical mass milestone, penetrating more than 50% of the top 5,000 programmatic sites, according to the latest analysis released by Pixalate. In total, that represents more than 150,000 publishers, but more significantly, it represents to creme de la creme of digital publishing used by big brands and major programmatic media buyers. The speed of adoption does not appear to be decelerating -- in the first two months of 2018, 65,000 new publishers adopted ads.txt, expanding the marketplace by 72% -- that it might be time to shift the focus from sites that have adopted the IAB-led ...
  • Digital Execs Shift Time/Attention To New Programmatic Ad Formats
    Programmatic media-buying for emerging formats -- and the related issues involving cross-channel measurement and attribution -- are the two topics digital ad execs expect to occupy their time and attention this year, according to a survey of digital ad execs. It's about time that the programmatic marketplace embraces new formats, especially those that help understand how to attribute the impact and value they generate between consumers and brands.
  • Who's Backing The Chain Gang?
    It's been nearly a year since I published my first story about blockchain technology being offered as a solution for Madison Avenue's media-trading woes, and the marketplace has turned into quite a, well, chain gang. We've published about 100 stories about blockchain since then -- and, judging by the rest of the trade and consumer press, it's on the cusp of being this year's "Big Data," "programmatic," or "transparency" in terms of industry buzzwords that people sort of understand, but fundamentally end up scratching their head about. I'm not willing to bet any crypto -- yet -- that "blockchain" will ...
  • Excuse Me For Being Direct, But So Will You
    The IAB released a new report at its annual Leadership Conference Monday listing "250 direct brands worth watching" -- companies conceived 100% on the basis of direct-to-consumer digital media access. This means more than just having commerce-based websites, but also leveraging an entire digital ecosystem to promote, be discovered, generate leads, trial, conversion -- and, most important, relationships with consumers.
  • Attribution Got You Scratching Your Head? This Should Help
    Modeling has been a part of media planning, buying, research and analytics as long as there have been computers to model the effects of media. But the availability of real-time data has shifted the industry's focus from regression models that looked at historical data to understand current and future patterns to ones that process real- or near-time data to attribute which pieces of the media mix are performing best. Last week, CIMM released a study that attempts to tame the burgeoning field in a simple, easy-to-reference way. The report, which was compiled by attribution and modeling experts Sequent Partners, organizes ...
  • My Esteem For A Token
    On the eve of tomorrow's Forecast conference in New York City, I've been prepping my "2023" panel and all the obligatory near-future hot buttons that have come up in our preliminary discussions -- privacy/GDP, voice/search, AI, etc. -- but the one that has me thinking the most about the future of programmatic trading is blockchain and the prospects for creating a transparent, open ledger for trading "human attention."
  • Can You Hear Me Now: MRC Finalizes Digital Audio Ad Standard, Will Tackle 'Audibility' In The Future
    Few metrics have defined value in the digital marketplace as much as the concept of "viewability." Late last week, the Media Rating Council released standards for audio-only digital ads that have nothing to view. But don't expect the standards to set a new industry benchmark for "audibility," because that's still in the eye -- er make that ear -- of the beholder. "In today's digital audio measurement, audibility is considered to be an imperfect analogy to the 'opportunity to see' proxy that viewability is in other digital measurements," the Media Rating Council explains in the final version of "Digital Audio ...
  • Media-Buying Continues To Migrate In-House Thanks To Programmatic, 'Control' Is No. 1 Reason
    The Centro study found that 81% of marketers plan to bring at least some of their programmatic advertising in-house over the next 12 months, while 59% said they will no longer outsource their programmatic media-buying to a third party by next year.
  • Happy New Year: What's Old Is Big 2 Again!
    RTBlog was originally conceived to discuss the passage of time, specifically how advertising, media and marketing is affected by technology, data and platforms enabling it to occur in "real-time." So it's fitting, coming into a new year, to mark some passage of time -- past, present and future. Our marketplace's most recent past has been dominated by two players -- Google and Facebook -- and according to the present outlook, they will only become even more dominant in the not-too-distant future.
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