• Dissecting The Sizmek-Rocket Fuel Deal
    The CEOs of both Sizmek and Rocket Fuel respond to wide-ranging questions about the acquisition and what it means for the industry as a whole.
  • Programmatic Moves From Arbitrage To Futures Markets
    Beyond the way fake sites and fake clicks can take advantage of unsophisticated marketers in the overcrowded programmatic market, another industry has entered the fray: financial markets.
  • Is Blockchain The Answer To Programmatic Pitfalls?
    Blockchain technology is where ad tech may turn next to address many of the pesky problems that come with programmatic marketing. Using this disruptive technology, marketers may be able to take more control of ad delivery, verification, ensure safe and transparent data storage, and develop a counterweight to the centralized and opaque duopoly that is Facebook and Google.
  • Trust Metrics: Ad Tech And Fake News
    Marc Goldberg, CEO of Trust Metrics, suggests ways to push back against fake news sites, which have been spreading.
  • AI: The Future Of Digital Marketing (And Everything Else)
    The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, and from movies to games, has now found a home in the mainstream. We are not yet at the point where computers are starting to plot the overthrow of humanity, but through AI, computers are beginning to understand our fellow human beings better than we may understand ourselves.
  • Where In The World Is My Digital Consumer?
    From a digital and brick-and-mortar perspective, overlaying first-party data with accurate and real-time location data enhances the ability of marketers to serve appropriate creatives at the right time and place. The ad-tech duopoly has fully understood this need.
  • Fake News Is Serious Problem For Supply Side, Too
    Fake news, with its tangible effect on our society and general worldview, poses some particularly interesting questions about the role of the ad-tech world. RTBlog conducted a Q/A with Marc Goldberg, CEO of Trust Metrics, to examine the landscape.
  • The Mobile, Virtual, 360-Degree Future Of Header Bidding
    The emergence of header bidding, particularly the server-to-server variety, has minimized latency and optimized yield for many digital publishers. We should expect more, however, in terms of the range of ad formats and devices effectively integrating this technique in the near future.
  • How Should Ad Tech Confront Authenticated Customer Data Challenge?
    Authenticated customer data in omnichannel marketing is a challenging issue. How does ad tech confront it?
  • How Will Fake News Affect Online Ad Budgets?
    A survey by Yahoo's BrightRoll found 31% of digital media decision-makers polled will reduce spend with programmatic partners whose inventory includes brands associated with fake news. Meanwhile, 43% said they won't change their spend, but will ask for fake news publishers to be blacklisted.
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