• Ads.txt Expose Proves There's No Perfect Solution To Fraud, Except Vigilance
    The good news is that the Interactive Advertising Bureau's ads.txt initiative has seen remarkably fast compliance among the world's top website publishers doing business with big advertisers and ad agencies. The bad news is nothing's perfect.
  • Knowing Isn't Free
    I miss the days when I could just watch the Super Bowl, react to the ads and discuss them the next day around the water cooler instead of the real-time proboscopic breakdown analysis that the Big Ad Game has become. As I write this, my inbox already is getting flooded with numerous polls, "scientific" studies, and real-time metrics analysis purported to show what the best Super Bowl spots actually were. Personally, I found most of them underwhelming -- most likely because most have already been previewed in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday -- but also because they ...
  • How -- And Why -- A 'Walled Garden' Will Help OpenX Optimize The 'Open Web'
    Sometimes I think we get so caught up by the hype about how ad tech is, or will, transform advertising that we forget it is fundamentally is about tech.
  • Nabidka a Poptavka (That's Czech For Supply & Demand)
    This morning, I received a dispatch from Prague-based ad network and programmatic market operator R2B2, including an analysis of 2018's programmatic market activity based on its "RTB Index." I cannot begin to suggest the index is representative of other markets, especially the U.S. So take these findings with a relative grain of salt depending on what marketplace you operate in.
  • Ad Tech's Most Worrisome Acronym: GDP
    With economists once again uttering the "R" word, there has been surprisingly little discussion about how a new recession would impact the advertising marketplace. That's probably because historically, the ad industry lags going into economic recessions, But there is one segment of the industry that likely will feel an immediate impact -- so-called "ad tech" -- and maybe that won't be such a bad thing.
  • 'Omni' Channel Picks Up One More: Out-of-Home
    This week, the ad industry will take a major step toward so-called "omnichannel" integration as MediaMath rolls out a system with digital out-of-home platform Place Exchange that enables advertisers and agencies to buy desktop, mobile and digital out-of-home screens from a single dashboard.
  • Read Today's Blog, Or Don't
    As an homage to Netflix's debut of "Black Mirror Bandersnatch," today's "RTBlog" is an interactive version. All you need to do is click, scroll and use your eyes to determine where the narrative goes. And unlike "Bandersnatch," this blog can have multiple endings, created by you. All you have to do is post them in the comments field below.
  • 10 Most-Read, 10 Most-Important Stories Of The Year
    It's that time of year when publications publish lists of their most-read stories, so I'm using today's "RTBlog" as an opportunity to do just that. Below that is my personal list of my top 10 stories of the year. Enjoy!
  • CES-ing With Lori Schwartz
    With only weeks to go before this year's CES kicks off, I spoke with StoryTech founder Lori Schwartz about what she has learned over the past few years and what she is most looking forward to this year. Buckle up!
  • Fraudulent Traffic Rising, So Is Ads.txt
    More than 77% of the top 5,000 sites now utilize ads.txt -- overall, delivering invalid traffic rates that are 22% lower than sites that have not.
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