• Making Radio Ad Buying Real-Time
    A promising new developer, Hudson MX, has inked a deal with radio broadcasting giant Entercom to offer conventional radio ad inventory via a real-time transactional interface.
  • How Advances In Machine Learning Are Making CPG Marketing Near-Real Time
    The latest advancement, from NCSolutions, lets marketers correlate actual in-store purchasing data with marketing inputs.
  • It's The Ecommerce, Stupid
    A new analysis showing ecommerce is driving ad spending growth in Japan underlines the importance of a virtuous cycle, in which digital media drives ecommerce, and in turn, drives more media spending.
  • Centro, FreeWheel Team For Real-Time Discrepancy Resolution
    In a move that creates an alternative option to the ad industry's legacy media-buying systems provider MediaOcean, digital native Centro is teaming with Comcast's FreeWheel to offer a one-stop solution for managing campaigns end-to-end, from planning to bill payments.
  • How Palantir Enables ICE To Target Illegal Immigrants
    Big Data is playing a big role in the government's war on illegal immigrants. Palantir, a real-time data analytics firm that is sometimes compared with Cambridge Analytica, has been working with the U.S. government's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division to process a variety of consumer data streams to identify and target individuals who have a propensity for being illegal immigrants.
  • How The 'Future 40' Are Transforming Real-Time Marketing
    Programmatic continues to be one of several emerging technologies that are reshaping marketing and media-buying into the near future, according to a new report.
  • Why Mary Meeker Kills Radio's Star
    "If time-money gaps correct themselves, what about radio?" says GroupM's Brian Wieser. "The time-as-a-driver-of-spending argument really falls apart in the weakness of investment in radio."
  • Duration Weighting Shouldn't Be Controversial. What We Do With It Could Well Be
    If you ask me, that's where the real controversy should begin -- not with the duration-weighted impression, or common denominator -- but how value is assigned to them, because that's where the winners and losers will be made.
  • Facebook's Libra May Rally Madison Avenue's Interest In Cryptocurrencies
    Watch for interest in cryptocurrencies to spike this week in the media industry, if not the ad biz as Facebook releases a white paper outlining its plans for investors and other stakeholders. The coin, which reportedly will be called "Libra," is expected to be backed by a consortium of financial and transactional partners, including Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, Visa and other members of The Libra Association.
  • It's The Data, Stupid
    As the rate of expansion of programmatic media-buying begins to decelerate, the focus is shifting to how vs. how much. That's the conclusion of the 2019 edition of the latest edition of Magna's semi-annual "Programmatic Report." Yes, the report continues to size the growth of the programmatic marketplace, noting that while it continues to expand at double-digit rates, it will only expand 18% this year vs. multiples of that only a few years ago.
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