• Lights, Camera, The Next Best Action
    That, not a multitude of currencies -- legacy or new -- is how Disney ad chief Rita Ferro pitched its upfront to advertisers, noting it's the only outcome "that matters."
  • Upfront Guru Barry Fischer Explains Why The More It Changes, The More It Remains The Same
    I've had a running bet with Barry Fischer about when the upfront will finally run its course. So far, I'm losing.
  • Capitulation? Who's Capitulating?
    According to a panel of top media buyers, the goal of the U.S. JIC is NOT to establish currencies, and the majority of what will actually be transacted will be on Nielsen's legacy ratings. Who would have known?
  • MRC (WMD?)
    The answer depends on what you believe the role of the MRC actually is. Or at least, what it's supposed to be.
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