• Our Sixth Sense (AKA: Tech)
    We use our five senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste - all in real-time, and often subconsciously, so why not let our sixth (tech-driven) sense work the same way? My6sense, a "native mobile content personalization" company focused on helping publishers, is all about offering users that sixth sense. When it comes right down to it, ad technology is not only providing publishers and advertisers with better tools, but it's making user experiences all the more enjoyable. After all, if the tech ruined the user experience, there would be no more users.
  • Help Me Help You
    It's one of those seasoned trade journalist/blogger confession times: I am not as smart as you think. Fortunately, a lot of the people I get to talk to are. And one of them is Frank Addante, the founder and CEO of Rubicon Project. If you read the story I wrote today based on some important insights about critical flaws in the RTB market's bidding infrastructure, you will understand why. At least I hope you do. It took me awhile to understand it before I could write it. It took several conversations with Addante and some consultation with Rubicon's Chief Scientist …
  • Real-Time With Varick Media's Sandie Milberg
    Earlier this week, Varick Media named Sandie Milberg as senior vice president, platform sales. RTM Daily spoke with Milberg this afternoon about her new role, what her short- and long-term goals are, technology in general, and how a trade desk really fits in with programmatic buying. RTM Daily: Why did you take the roll? Sandie Milberg: First off, I think the pace of media going programmatic is increasing rapidly. Previously working at an ad network and working with exchanges, I've always thought, being on sales-side, that small and middle sized agencies don't have the backing that these large agencies have …
  • Travel Data Holds Blueprints For Perfect FBX Campaigns
    Long story short: FBX hasn't gone away, and it's only getting bigger and better. Just today, Adara, a big data company focused on targeting traveler audiences, announced that it now participates on FBX. Does a company like Adara hold the blueprints for the perfect FBX campaign? Can they get the right mix of people that have looked at a certain destination, a mix of people that have booked it, a mix of people that have already been, and get all of them talking about it? That doesn't just seem great for the advertisers, it seems great for the consumers too.
  • V Is For Velocity
    If you're old school like me, you are no doubt familiar with the "five Ps of marketing." If you're not familiar with them, don't worry, they're ancient history and are about to be replaced by the "five Vs," according to a compelling new report from aptly name Big Data firm Teradata. The five Vs, according to the report, "Be A Big Data Marketing Hero," are volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value. While they're all important, and deserving of blog posts of their own, I'd like to focus on the concept of velocity, because of the real-time implications associated with accelerating …
  • RTM Defined: It's A Culture Club
    What is real-time marketing? According to the opening panel at the Brand Marketers Summit in Kohler, Wisc., this morning, it's all about listening to the conversation and being able to react to it -- in real-time, or as close as you can get to it. "Real-time marketing means marketing at the speed of culture and being plugged in and monitoring it real-time," explained Scott Carlis, VP Digital and Social Media, AEG Global Partnerships.
  • Search Autocompletes: Helpful Or Manipulative? 'The Xbox One Is...'
    When you start typing in a search online, you know how the engine's algorithm offers completion suggestions before you are even done? I've always thought they were legitimate, but now I'm starting to think that there is some tinkering that goes on behind the scenes. Google searches autosuggest that the Xbox One is "terrible." Bing's suggestions? Nothing but "amazing."
  • Attention Deficit Reorder: Young Millennials Hyper-Filter, Mono-Task And Disconnect
    There's some encouraging news about the next generation of media consumers in some new research released this week by MTV. The research, which is part of an ongoing series of studies on the media habits, attitudes and behaviors of Millennials, breaks the generation down into two sub-groups: older ones who are 18-plus, and younger ones ages 14 to 17. Why is this of interest to readers of RTBlog? Because the media habits of the younger ones (which MTV dubs New Millennials) are markedly different in terms of how and when they consume media. Yes, they are as real-time connected as …
  • May Segment Data; Interesting Now, Useful Later
    Portuguese travel. RVs. Graduate Degrees. What could these three things possibly have in common? According to ChoiceStream's June Audience Cost Calendar (which is actually data from May), these three segments were among the highest risers as compared to April. As more bidders enter the real-time bidding (RTB) space, competition heats up and the prices for high demand segments are driven up.
  • Pay Attention To This New Audience Segment, If You Have Any
    If you're like me, then you believe that one of the unintended consequences of the hyper-acceleration of real-time media are some corresponding attention disorders, including ADHD. Now, according to at least one popular media research source, it is now a media planning attribute. Or at the very least, a new form of audience segmentation being used by TV programmers and advertisers to target social TV users. Speaking during Maxxcom's first global media collaborative in New York last week, Trendrr Co-Founder and CEO Mark Ghuneim, said the company now breaks social TV users down into segments known ad "Hyperactives" and "Massive …
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