• New Service In Beta Seeks To Track And Measure Ad Blocking
    Our call for an independent third party to gather data on, track and monitor ad blockers is gaining traction. In addition to BPA Worldwide, a startup called Deliberate Digital is testing a service that tracks ad blocking.
  • How Do The TV Guys Think About Programmatic?
    At MediaPost's Outfront event on Wednesday, media agency pros debated the prospects for linear and over-the-top TV and trends leading into the TV upfronts.
  • GroupM Report Suggests It Might Be Time To Ditch The Zero In 30-Second Ads
    GroupM's Interaction 2016 Report, out this week, offers some revealing and highly relevant findings. The global report, a survey of 19 markets, called for industry-wide collaboration on "integrity issues" including ad fraud, viewability, ad-blocking and measurement. What that kind of collaboration will look like is the question.
  • Prospects For In-App Programmatic Ads Depend OnTargeting Improvements
    What's holding budget back from in-app mobile programmatic advertising? The lack of data for targeting audiences.
  • Independent Third Party Is Needed To Track Ad Blocking Data And Patterns
    GroupM calls for an "industry-wide collaboration" to address issues around ad-blocking, along with ad fraud and viewability. To get a handle on ad blocking, an independent third party is needed to gather, track and monitor quickly changing demographic and behavioral data.
  • Screen-Savvy, Dedicated E-Sports Enthusiasts Offer Untapped Marketing Challenge
    A new report from PwC confirmed that e-sports is blowing up in popularity, with a projected $463 million in revenue this year, up 43% from 2015.
  • Facebook's Move To Improve Transparency
    It's about time: this week Facebook made strides toward improving transparency by naming three new independent ad vertification partners.
  • Compensation Choice: A Better Way To Stop Ad Blocking
    According to an Accenture study that broke in Real-Time Daily earlier this week, more than 60% of global consumers know about online ad blockers, and 42% say that they would be willing to pay to get rid of ad interruptions. So, if consumers are willing to pay to get rid of advertising, why aren't they willing to pay publishers to read and engage with premium digital content?
  • History Shows That Walls Have A Way Of Coming Down
    Rocket Fuel CEO Randy Wootton has a point about history showing that walls eventually come down. So what about the "walled gardens" in ad tech?
  • The Key To Audience-Based Metrics: Testing, Testing And More Testing
    The key to valid audience-based metrics: test away, according to George Ivie, CEO and executive director of the Media Rating Council,
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