• American Express OPEN Is Bullish On Mobile Programmatic
    American Express OPEN, a card designed for small businesses, is using mobile programmatic to help it efficiently reach the right audiences at scale. Rajeev Subramanyam, vice president, global digital acquisition, shared some of his learnings at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Programmatic Leadership Forum on Thursday.
  • Have We Come To The End Of Header Bidding As We Know It?
    Google's announcement on Wednesday that it's now making First Look available to all DoubleClick for Publishers clients globally and testing exchange bidding in Dynamic Allocation is big news for the programmatic ecosystem. It's likely to have tongues wagging for a while, as programmatic marketplaces, exchanges and publishers react to the new development. But what does Google's move mean for header bidding?
  • Xaxis' Native Play Has A Programmatic Bent
    Xaxis, GroupM's ad-tech unit, will now have Plista, Group M's German-based native advertising unit, under its wing -- a signal that it's betting big on native programmatic.
  • Global Survey Finds It Critical To Detect Fraud Before Programmatic Trades
    Equinix, a global data company, has released findings of a report in conjunction with ExchangeWire. One key finding: 60% of respondents said that it's very important to detect fraud even before impressions are sent to be traded.
  • Verizon + Yahoo? It's Not So Far-Fetched
    Last Thursday, Verizon signaled that it wants to acquire the beleaguered Yahoo, the same sort of move it made with AOL. So what's in it for Verizon? Mike Driscoll of Metamarkets weighs in.
  • A Pre-Upfront Talk About Programmatic TV
    At a panel hosted by Tremor Video, the hot topic was how programmatic TV can improve, and what partners can do to accelerate the process.
  • Mobile Is Projected To Drive Programmatic Ad Spending
    Reviewing eMarketer's latest forecast for U.S. ad spending on programmatic media, it's clear that mobile is a key driver of the growth. Between 2016 and 2019, the last year in eMarketer's forecast period, it projects mobile ad spending will nearly double.
  • Ad Blocking And Consumer Choice
    Consumers are choosing to use ad blockers to have the Internet experience they want. But what if they were educated explicitly about the choice to get content for free -- supported by advertising -- or pay for content without ever seeing a single ad?
  • PubMatic Launches Enterprise-Grade Wrapper Solution
    As header bidding has taken hold, challenges in tag management, measurement and integration have arisen. PubMatic is trying to address these issues with the launch of a new enterprise-grade wrapper solution.
  • Data Gets The Mainstream Treatment
    You know a marketing trend has made it big when it's featured in hit shows like "House of Cards."
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