• Forget Mad Men And Math Men - Mad Max Is The One Inspiring Programmatic Innovation
    ChoiceStream, a demand-side platform (DSP), wants to increase the level of competition in the real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace, and not by increasing the amount of demand. Instead, ChoiceStream wants to pit optimization algorithms against one another in a bid to, well, optimize optimization.
  • Calling All 'Math Men': Can You Pass A Programmatic Math Test?
    With Math Men joining the ranks of Mad Men across Madison Ave., one company wants to make sure everyone involved really understands the math behind programmatic's madness. Labmatik, a consulting firm that focuses on helping brands take programmatic technologies in-house, on Monday began teaching Programmatic Math 101. The company will post one question per workday for 30 days on subjects including campaign, supply, algorithms and finance.
  • Programmatic Ad Spend In Europe Jumped 250% In 2014
    Marketers across the globe are turning to programmatic technologies. European marketers spent 250% more via programmatic in 2014 compared to 2013, according to a new report. And perhaps just as telling as the overall increase in spend: European marketers were willing to trust programmatic technologies with some of their most important budgets in 2014 -- holiday spend.
  • Facebook's LiveRail Expands Into Mobile In-App Display
    At yesterday's Facebook F8 Developer Conference, the social network made several announcements regarding LiveRail, the video supply-side platform (SSP) it acquired last summer. Post-acquisition, Facebook had been relatively mum on its plans with LiveRail, but Wednesday's announcements brought us up to speed. Facebook's plan: Bring LiveRail's programmatic technology to the mobile in-app display advertising space.
  • Private Exchanges And 'Velvet Rope' Access To Inventory
    An audience member at Tuesday's Programmatic Insider Summit in Scottsdale, AZ, told the private exchange panel that he has been told from some "open market exchange people" to look into private marketplaces because his company isn't winning enough bids on the open exchanges. How common is this, the ad buyer wondered, and is it a legitimate suggestion?
  • The Tao Of Gary Milner
    The Lenovo digital marketing chief made a strong case against open RTB during his opening keynote at the Programmatic Insider Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. Actually, Milner said, "I hate the word RTB." The reason, he said, is "because real-time bidding drives you down a path of auction-based media-buying." From Milner's POV, the real value of programmatic media is the ability to use software and data about users and media to find better and more cost-efficient ways of reaching the consumer.
  • Programmatic TV Gets More 'Real-Time'
    AOL, one of a handful of ad tech players attempting to lead the charge in programmatic TV, on Monday announced it has bolstered its programmatic TV offering by expanding its data licensing agreement with FourthWall Media. This announcement, coupled with Google's plans to add real-time ad-tracking capabilities to Fiber TV, suggests that programmatic TV is becoming more "real-time."
  • Japanese Marketers Investing In Retargeting, Slower To Understand Attribution
    Over half (58%) of Japanese marketers spend at least 10% of their online ad budget on retargeting, per a new AdRoll report, with 84% of Japanese marketers expecting to maintain or increase that level of spend over the next 12 months.
  • Apple Forging Ahead With Programmatic Plans
    Late last year, Apple more or less reintroduced iAd, its mobile ad platform that had failed to take off since launching five years ago. Apple recently struck multiple ad tech partnerships to resurrect iAd as a programmatic platform. Marking one of the first major Apple-related programmatic announcements since the iAd reinvention, Advertising Age has reported that "Apple is extending its mobile advertising network to iTunes Radio, its web streaming service that competes with Pandora, through programmatic ad buying."
  • IAB Releases First Mobile Programmatic 'Playbook'
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released what it is calling the "mobile programmatic playbook," the first document from the IAB focused on mobile programmatic. The document is largely dedicated to explaining the ecosystem and defining terms; there's no groundbreaking information shared. But the fact the IAB wrote the "playbook" is telling in and of itself. In fact, marketers are expected to spend more programmatic ad dollars in mobile display this year compared to desktop display, per eMarketer.
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