• U.S. Web Traffic Stalls As Traffic In China, India, and Brazil Grows
    The U.S. is no longer bringing new users to the Internet: With U.S. web traffic plateauing, smartphone growth in China, India, and Brazil is responsible for driving over 400 million new people online.
  • Study: Marketer Confidence Rises Despite Concerns Over Misaligned Investments
    The findings of a biannual survey of marketers' confidence increased by six points from a year ago. Despite the slight increase, 30% of marketers said they're more concerned that their organizations aren't investing in the right customers, a 13% decrease in confidence compared to the 2016 findings.
  • More Than 40% Of Online Ads Make Sites Sluggish
    More than 40% of online ads are larger than industry standards, which results in sluggish sites and consumer frustrations over slow load times. Programmatic ad networks, in particular, are slowing ad delivery.
  • Criteo Pushes Toward New Video, Prospecting And CRM Products
    French ad tech firm Criteo surpassed analysts' estimates in Q3, and is looking toward new products to fuel its growth.
  • TV Campaign Combining Targeting & PTV Delivered 11 X Increase In Engagement
    Programmatic platforms join forces with TiVo and agency DWA Media to show how combining targeting, data, and programmatic TV deliver stronger customer engagement.
  • A New $250M Tech Hub Comes To NYC
    New York City is already a hub for digital media, advertising, and all manner of tech startups. Now, the city has pledged $250 million to launch Civic Hall, a hub for tech companies, tech training, events, and more.
  • Look For Contextual Signals To Implement 'Moment Marketing'
    So what does all the talk about "moment marketing" mean? Just ask Forrester analyst Melissa Parrish, who said it's critical to mobile marketing, and contextual signals will be key.
  • Ad Tech Exec: 'We're Not Yet In The Midst Of An Adblockalypse'
    Aly Nurmohamed, VP, Global Publisher Strategy, at Criteo weighed in on ad blocking: "We're not yet in the midst of an adblockalypse." Yet he argued that there remains a lot of work to be done to ensure that ads are "engaging with consumers and not getting in the way of their online experience."
  • Ad Blockers Comprise More Than A Quarter Of Internet Users
    While ad blocking remains a major hurdle for advertisers, publishers, and the entire digital ecosystem, digital researcher eMarketer revised its ad blocking forecast, lowering estimates of ad blocking users in the U.S. to 75.1 million. That still means that more than one quarter or 27.5% of U.S. internet users will use ad blockers this year, according to the revised forecast.
  • Entry Into U.S. Ad Tech Big Deal For This Small Company
    Berlin-based mobile data exchange adsquare announced its entry into the U.S. market in late January. The entry was considered a "must" even amid increasing consolidation in ad tech.
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