• Are You Ready For Some Inflation?
    The good news is that coming out of a global pandemic, demand for many goods and services is expanding. The bad news is that inflation may be too, including for the cost of advertising goods and services.
  • CTV 'Viewability' Beats All Other Digital Video, Lags Linear TV
    By at least one important quality measure -- so-called "viewability" -- connected TV ads are the top of the digital food chain.
  • Has COVID-19 Changed Brand Loyalty?
    The good news is nine out of ten Americans are loyal to at least a few brands a year after the COVID-19 pandemic. The bad news is we don't really know how their loyalty has changed because of it.
  • Trust Belt: Why We're Losing Confidence In Technology
    As consumers and industry pros become more reliant on technology than ever, we're also losing trust in it.
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