• Why Omnicom Has A Bad Case Of Typoglycemia
    One can only imagine what went through John Wren's head when news broke Friday that the name of the latest COVID variant is Omicron. No, not Omnicom, but close enough.
  • The Most Ethical Column I Will Ever Write
    I've always considered myself an ethical journalist, but now I'm the first to be certified as ethically professional, albeit for advertising.
  • Got Stress?
    Research finds 68% of ad execs are more stressed than they were a year ago.
  • Blah, Blah, Blah: The Last Press Release You'll Ever Read
    If Greta Thunberg is right and climate summits are nothing more than "PR events," then maybe it's time marketing pros take some ownership for it.
  • How Madison Avenue Will Pay For The Metaverse
    "To be sure, $10 billion can go a long way," GroupM Business Intelligence chief Brian Wieser quips, noting: "It took Facebook almost ten years, through 2013 to spend that much in operating expenditures."
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