• Why Twitter's Ad Outlook Is The Real Hellscape
    "When you let go of the people who were responsible for keeping the platform brand safe, and there is no one immediately in that role, that's shall we say -- 'problematic'," quips GroupM's Brian Wieser.
  • GroupM Drops New Evidence Of Disconnect Between Economy And Ad Spending
    GroupM's business intelligence team called out analysts and journalists for focusing on not-so-good news, while ignoring indicators of healthy ad growth: "It's almost like they prefer to report bad news."
  • New Biz Drives Ad Economy, Big Agencies Not So Much
    "One of the most important drivers of advertising through the pandemic was this mass expansion of new business formation in the early stages," GroupM's Brian Wieser explains.
  • How About $6 Trillion -- Is $6 Trillion Big Enough For You?
    Estimating that total marketing is actually about $6 trillion, GroupM's Brian Wieser quips, "If you said that, people would say, '$6 trillion - that's like a made-up number. We need something more manageable.' So you come down to a smaller one?"
  • Fossil Fuel's Joe Camel Moment
    How do you greenwash news that you were caught greenwashing news? If you're IPG, you announce you're the first holding company to "proactively review" energy industry clients before accepting new work.
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