• ANA: In-House Programmatic Buying More Than Doubles, Agencies Becoming Marginalized
    A year after the Association of National Advertisers benchmarked programmatic media-buying among the nation's largest advertisers, the percentage who say they have brought it in-house and are reducing the role of their agencies has more than doubled. That's the top line finding of the 2017 edition of "The State of Programmatic Media Buying," released this morning by the ANA.
  • The Smart Money Is On Ads.txt, Literally
    Six months after the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Tech Lab released final specs for ads.txt, the programmatic supply chain is embracing it as a minimum standard for filtering inventory. Since RTBlog first reported on a Pixalate tracking study of publishers incorporating ads.txt, the number has grown from 3,523 in September to 5,3390 currently.
  • Programmatic Remains Primary Digital Growth Engine, Some Clouds Forming
    For all the industry debate surrounding its potential for fraud, lack of brand safety and other unsavory outcomes, programmatic media buying continues to represent a significant engine of expansion for the digital media marketplace, according to year-end advertising forecasts released this morning by major ad agency forecasters.
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