• It's The Disinformation, Stupid
    As 2020 comes to an end, will next year return to a more balanced sense of reality? You know, one based on facts, not divisive demagoguery?
  • The Real Reason Facebook Is Exploiting Small Businesses It Claims It Wants To Protect
    If a modern day Dante were to write a "Marketing Inferno," a special circle should be reserved for Facebook. It should go to 11 for launching an advocacy campaign targeting Apple by exploiting the very thing it claims it wants to protect: small businesses.
  • What The Marketing Word of the Year Should Be, For Those Who Care
    Coming out of what may well be the greatest year of self-reflection for all of society, the ad industry had a huge opportunity to define its sense of purpose and it just blew it.
  • Why CTV Should Be Contextual, Not Connected, TV
    On the heels of last week's column predicting we are poised to see a dramatic resurgence in contextual targeting, I received a flurry of new announcements leaning back into contextual, including a new offering from Comscore and MediaMath, UM's Primis, Integral Ad Science, and others.
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