• Dueling Forecasts Reveal Programmatic Dominating Digital Ad Marketplace
    Dueling programmatic forecasts were released this morning by Publicis Media's Zenith and eMarketer. Either way, programmatic is now nearly 85 cents of every display ad dollar purchased in the U.S.
  • Why Individual Publishers Are The Ultimate 'Walled Gardens,' Why They Need To Be Rolled Up
    A consensus has emerged that first-party data -- especially the kind collected by digital publishers to identify their users -- is emerging as the logical replacement solution to digital 1.0's browser cookies. Getting there is an ongoing process that will require some ingenuity and innovation. The truth is that we're in a transition period from one world to another, and the current marketplace is more of a hybrid solution of browser cookies, when and where they still work, and efforts to organize a critical mass of publishers' first-party user identification data, which for all intent and purposes, is a publisher-side …
  • A Day In The Ad Life Of An Average Consumer, As Seen By A Programmatic Trader
    There was some interesting math in what The Trade Desk presented to investors, analysts and the press in last week's Q3 earnings release. No, not its actual earnings, which remain healthy despite some tepid international growth, but in the dimensions it uses to describe the ad experience the average consumer is exposed to daily.
  • Half Life Of Brand Crisis: For Many Consumers, It's Half An Hour
    More than half of consumers now expect a brand to respond to a crisis within an hour of it becoming public, while more than a third expect brands to respond within a half hour.
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