• Real-Time With Frank Addante: Rubicon Chief Says He's A Suitor, Not A Seller
    On Tuesday, the Rubicon Project announced two strategic hires, bringing Mediaplex Founder & CEO Greg Raifman in as president and founding Overture CFO Todd Tappin in as COO & CFO, and giving Rubicon founder-CEO Frank Addante some much-needed bench strength. While the reorg comes amid rumors that Rubicon is a takeover target, in the following Q&A Addante makes the case that it will be a suitor, not a seller, as its steps up its own M&A efforts to accelerate growth and diversify and broaden its portfolio.
  • Real-Time (Self) Marketing - Do People Really Want This?
    Here's an interesting form of real-time media: Real-time resumes. It's called TweetsResume, created by IT Resume Service. The tool puts an RSS feed into a resume of the owner's Twitter feed, which is updated in real-time. It mixes three things: Social, real-time media, and marketing...of yourself. When you think about it, people have been branding themselves forever -- even more so sincecsocial media took off. But this idea that we need to make it even easier just goes to show how much the real-time media mentality continues to makes its way through the cracks into every aspect of our lives.
  • The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth (All Of Them, In Fact)
    Who hasn't wished for an app that could automatically suss out the truth, and in real-time? Now, thanks to the political news team at The Washington Post, there's one available for political speeches (see story below), which makes me wonder when (note to MediaPost's tech team) someone will develop a fact-checking app for the ad technology industry. But then, I suppose, I'd be out of a job, right? Anyway, today I'm spending my morning parsing through a number of first-mover claims in the mobile RTB marketplace. And while it's impossible for me to vet exactly which ones are genuine first-to-market …
  • 'Mobile Traveler' Spells 'Real-Time Marketing Possibility'
    A new study from priceline.com says that 42% of New Year's Eve hotel rooms were booked after 5:00 p.m. when the travler was using a mobile device. The study also says that 65% of the travelers waited until after 2:00 p.m. to book their rooms for the night, and 13% waited until after 9:00 p.m. This data opens up a slew of possibilities for the savvy mobile marketer. As John Caine points out in the statement, travel apps can be most beneficial for companies around the holiday season. "It gives them that one more shot at selling last-minute rooms to …
  • FBX: Is The "New Shiny Object" A Game Changer, Or Just Facebook's Version of Google AdWords?
    On the "Facebook's FBX: The Year Zero View" panel at OMMA RTB yesterday, the panelists all agreed that while FBX has changed the game, it still has room to shake things up even more. Panelist Jeff Hinz, managing partner, U.S. digital director, GroupM, Mediacom, called FBX a "new shiny object" that he believes will stay around for the long haul. "We've seen quite impressive results from this new shiny object...within the space," he said.
  • Programmatic Trading Soars, More Concentrated Among The Top 100 Sites
    The volume of biddable media inventory being traded in the RTB marketplace doubled during 2012, according to the latest installment of the RTB Marketplace Tracking Report being presented by Accordant Media Co-Founder & CEO Art Muldoon at OMMA RTB as I'm writing this -- in real-time. That's right, Muldoon is presenting this exclusively at OMMA RTB, and his other big highlights show that the RTB Marketplace "cooled" a little at year-end, with fourth quarter 2012 impressions expanding only 61% over the same quarter in 2011.
  • GE Brings Good Exhausts To Life, Creates New KPIs Via Big Data
    If you think Big Data is exhausting, you haven't seen anything yet. That's because the concept of "data exhaust" is also getting big. To illustrate that point, MediaPost editor Steve Smith introduced OMMA DDM opening keynoter Paul Marcum, the global director-marketing & programming at GE, by noting that "even jet engines throw off data." I'm not sure whether Smith literally meant data from the engines' exhausts, but the anecdote illustrates the point that there is data, data everywhere -- even where you may have previously least expected it.
  • Responsive Type Media: Now You Can Bid Based On A User's Device
    Week Two of RTM Daily, and I have yet another new "R" to throw into the mix. It stands for "responsive." As in responsive design. No, we're not re-branding this newsletter Responsive Type Media, but increasingly, we will be seeing some real-time media and marketing platforms that incorporate a responsive logic to them. The first I've come across was just announced this morning by search advertising platform adMarketplace.com, which now enables advertisers and media buyers to target paid search ads to users based on the "device type" they are querying from. "It's the first platform for advertiser bidding by mobile …
  • Real-Time With Tina Chadwick: How Big Data Is Impacting The Big Idea
    In an accompanying op-ed, Moxie Group Creative Director Tina Chadwick makes the case that real-time data analytics is not the anathema some creatives make it out to be, and that integrating machine learning with human intuition is leading to a new creative process, and some new forms of consumer insights and advertising. In the following interview, Chadwick expounds on that -- straight from her gut.
  • Why Invidi's Deal With Gracenote Will Accelerate Real-Time TV Targeting
    Wow, so now, at least, I know people are reading RTBlog. That's the good news. The bad news is that now I know if I shoot from my hip, as I did by blasting Facebook's Graph Search announcement, you're going to shoot right back at me. There were some good comments there, and at least one outright request to rebut it. Hence Digitaria's Samantha Afetian's piece, opposite this blog. But just to play it safe for today, I'm going to go with something important, but (hopefully) fairly benign:The deal announced late yesterday between addressable TV advertising developer Invidi Technologies and …
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