• My Past Is Prologue
    Now's your chance to predict the future. Or at the very least, some future futurists.
  • It's Morning Again On Planet Earth
    "The data clearly debunks the perception of globalization going into reverse gear. Globalization is not just a buzzword, it's a powerful force that has transformed our world for the better," says DHL CEO John Pearson, adding: "we can build a brighter future that benefits us all, creating a world that is more interconnected, more prosperous and more peaceful than ever before."
  • All Ego Aside, Who Should Get Credit For The VID?
    It's not the MRC, because the council will be the ones validating the new cross-media measurement system -- and its virtual IDs, or VID -- when they roll out.
  • Stamp/s Of Approval
    Question: If a company gets the JIC's stamp of approval, why would it go through time and expense of an MRC audit simply to get another one?
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