• What If 'The Dress' Were An Ad?
    For what it's worth, I think the dress is white and gold. This dress, I mean. The one that has given BuzzFeed over 28 million page views and counting, a new record for the company. Has anything ever gone so viral, so fast? (Happy Friday, by the way.) I've seen a theory floated that the dress post is really just another example of what BuzzFeed does best: native advertising.
  • Patent Vending: Collective Eyes Licensing
    Collective is well known for its use of IP, but mostly it's associated with the Internet Protocol version of that acronym. Today, it received the other kind, an intellectual property courtesy of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, recognizing it as the rightful owner of a process enabling it to connect TV audience behavior to Internet -- and mobile, social, etc. -- audiences.
  • Programmatic's Fourth 'Right'
    The multitasking nature of today's consumer has put marketers on a Great Hunt for successful multi-screen marketing. The challenge is that marketers may be trying to solve for something (consumers no longer dedicated to one screen) that can't be solved. "Right person, right place, right time," you've got company -- "right screen" has officially entered the fray in its own right. This morning's study from Nielsen and YuMe, which found that television engages consumers half as long as digital, showed the distinct difference between the array of screens consumers have at their fingertips.
  • The Noisy Programmatic Meeting Room
    Who is driving the conversation toward programmatic: Brands, agencies or tech vendors? The tech vendors may have the most skin in the game, but the chatter is "all over the place," and "many people are involved in these conversations," said Paul Rostkowski, president of Varick Media Management, an agency trading desk of MDC Partners.
  • Lego Wins The Oscars; NASA Jumps On 'Interstellar' Win
    Not everything was awesome for Lego last night -- the company could have done with a nomination for "The Lego Movie" -- but that didn't stop it from winning something during the Oscars. Lego was the most talked about brand on Twitter during last night's award show. Even without a nomination, Lego was visible throughout the night.
  • Programmatic Video To Be A Focus In 2015
    Nearly four times as many agencies expect to spend the majority of their digital video ad budget via programmatic in 2015 compared to 2014, according to recent research from Yahoo's BrightRoll, a programmatic video ad platform.
  • According To Comment Section Data Mining, The Oscar Winners Are...
    Anonymous comment sections have been hounded, mostly because they are a hotbed for Internet trolls, but one company is out to see if collective comments can predict the future. The company -- Disqus, which powers the comment sections on many sites across the Web -- traversed a comment section minefield that contained over one million consumer interactions across 3,000 different articles and blog posts to see who consumers think will win Oscar awards this Sunday.
  • Programmatic Targeting Impacting Physical Shopping
    Programmatic ad targeting continues to seep into new areas. From display, to television, and even print, ad tech has stretched across the industry. And it's proving to have an impact on the way consumers shop in the physical world.
  • Real-Time With Keith Gooberman On Launching An Independent Trading Desk
    Just over one year ago, Keith Gooberman, former VP of trading and platform operations at Varick Media Management, left the company to launch his own independent trading desk, Programmatic Mechanics. "Real-Time Daily" caught up with Gooberman to ask what it's like to start an independent trading desk and what trends he saw in year one.
  • How Consumers Reacted To Winter Storm Juno
    Winter storm Juno, the "historic" storm that didn't pack the punch many predicted, still impacted the way consumers behaved, and in turn, the way media buyers targeted audiences. Based on analysis of over 325 billion impressions, audience targeting firm Netmining saw budget hotels (up 20%), cruises (up 17%), and travel insurance (up 50%) conversion rates all increase during the storm compared to average rates.
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