• Food For Thought: How Data Changes What, When, Where, Why And For How Long You Eat
    MALAGA, SPAIN -- I have seen the future of real-time data-based marketing, and it's inside a restaurant that will be opening in downtown Los Angeles in a few weeks. The restaurant, which will be operated by Stockholm-based hospitality design firm Livit, is the 2.0 version of a living test lab it has been operating in Sweden for the past two years, and the most remarkable thing they both serve isn't culinary, it's data.
  • Live From Malaga, It's A Week-Long Dive Into Data Marketing
    MALAGA, SPAIN -- Hola. I'm on assignment this week covering the I-COM Global Data Summit here, so keep an eye out over the next several days for some real-time coverage of presentations, roundtables and hackathons as some of the world's top marketers and marketing data scientists discuss the "race to the direct customer relationship."
  • Why Martech Is Overtaking Ad Tech
    Ad tech has hit the wall and has even begun to erode as marketers and agencies shift their focus to marketing technology solutions.
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