• Adblock Plus Calls Meetup To Form An Independent Board
    Adblock Plus is looking for candidates to run an independent board. It's holding a meetup in New York on Dec. 6 to discuss the board's function and vet candidates.
  • Fake News Not Only An Issue For Politics, But For Brand Marketers
    Taykey, a real-time audience data company, says fake news poses real challenges for brand marketers.
  • Scale, Standards Hold Key To Arrival Of Programmatic AR/VR Ads
    Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are steadily expanding into the mainstream. We have seen a number of companies begin to invest in developing headsets and content to run on new platforms, creating ew and exciting avenues for digital advertisers. Then industry members have little doubt the programmatic applications of AR/VR will appear in the market.
  • It's Black Friday -- No Surprise, Most Americans Are Looking For Deals Online
    Well, it's Black Friday. So are you out shopping, online shopping, or both?
  • Facebook Tests Real-Time Ads For Live Videos
    Facebook has bet the farm on Facebook Live, its live-streaming video capability. Now it's testing real-time ads for Facebook Live.
  • TubeMogul Research Tracks Evolution Of The GRP
    TubeMogul's research on the changing nature of GRPs-Gross Rating Points--finds that advertisers need to buy 37% more primetime ads to get the same reach on TV as they did four years ago. So what gives?
  • Facebook Shuts Atlas Down -- What's Next?
    Last Friday Facebook shuttered its Atlas ad server, a long-anticipated move that took a while to become official.
  • Smaato Becomes Mobile Bidding Partner For Google's Exchange
    Smaato, a global real-time ad platform for mobile publishers, played a big role in an announcement this week by Google. The company became the first mobile bidding partner for Google's Exchange.
  • Upworthy's Experiment In Measuring Empathy In Real Time
    Upworthy used facial-recognition software to measure empathy levels in men and women
  • Ad Lightning Aims To Help Publishers, Platforms Tackle Disruptive Ads
    There seem to be many products and initiatives lately that take on ad effectiveness, viewability, brand safety, and malware. Consider Ad Lightning, a spinoff of Pioneer Square Labs, which just secured $2 million in a seed round. Its goal is to eliminate bad, disruptive advertising -- and thus, to improve the consumer experience of advertising.
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