• AdTheorent's Josh Walsh: Attribution Measurement Will Get Stronger in 2016
    AdTheorent's Josh Walsh says attribution measurement will get stronger in 2016 and enable complete transparency.
  • Ground Signal's Tony Longo On Location As Key To New Attribution Models
    Ground Signal Co-founder and CEO Tony Longo sees location playing a key role in the formation of new attribution models, and predicts that social media will drive merchandising.
  • Purch's Phil Barrett: The War Is On For Lifetime Value, Header Bidding Heats Up
    RTBlog spoke with Phil Barrett, senior VP at Purch, a Web publisher of titles that include Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware. Purch sites help people make buying decisions about technology. Barrett discussed his predictions for 2016, which include a new emphasis on consumers' lifetime value and ecommerce replacing traditional ad revenues.
  • Signal's Mike Sands Looks To Data Cooperatives in 2016
    Mike Sands is CEO of Signal, a marketing technology and data platform that helps marketers connect with their customers via their first-party data. Sands shared seven predictions for 2016 with RTBlog.
  • Ooyala's Scott Braley Predicts More Tech M&As, Ad Spend For OTTs
    RTBlog spoke with Scott Braley, GM of Programmatic at Ooyala, which aims to provide analytics to help broadcasters, media companies and brands monetize and build more engaged and profitable audiences on any screen. Braley weighed in with some predictions and top-line themes for 2016.
  • Fyber's Janis Zech Eyes New Pricing Models For Mobile Ads, Availability Of Data
    Janis Zech, COO and co-founder of Berlin-based mobile advertising technology company Fyber, spoke with RTBlog about the coming year. A subsidiary of RNTS Media N.V., Fyber empowers app developers to execute ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified mobile SPP.
  • YP's Jason Uechi: We're Building Location-Based Profiles
    Jason Uechi, director of engineering and data science, YP Mobile Labs, spoke with RTBlog about his predictions for 2016 and insights on the use of data. Uechi is responsible for managing and optimizing the performance for thousands of campaigns across mobile, online and display.
  • Heineken USA's Ron Amram Says 'Walled Gardens' Will Open Up
    RTBlog spent some time chatting with Ron Amram, senior media director, Heineken USA, about how the programmatic media landscape is shaping up for 2016. Amram said that Heineken has passed "Programmatic 101" and is ready to move to the next level.
  • PaperG's Victor Wong Says Rich Media Is Dead
    PaperG CEO Victor Wong predicts the death of rich media, the rise of native programmatic and the increase of "ad walls" in response to ad blockers.
  • Teads' Bertrand Quesada Says Native Video Will Overtake Pre-roll In 2016
    Teads' Bertrand Quesada predicts that native video will play a more important role in 2016 as consumers become even more fed up with pre-roll video.
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