• Where In The World Is Your Digital Consumer?
    From a digital and brick-and-mortar perspective, overlaying first-party data with accurate, real-time location data enhances marketers' ability to serve appropriate creative and messaging at the right time and place.
  • Header Bidding Continues To Grow, Bolstered By Mobile Adoption
    Header bidding is now "synonymous" with programmatic advertising, claims PubMatic's Q2 Quarterly Mobile Index Report. The data appears to support this conclusion, as header bidding has seen triple-digit increases or greater in each geographic region studied.
  • Should We Be Serious About A Possible Tech-Biz President? Centro CEO Says Yes
    Centro founder and CEO Shawn Riegsecker, an ad-tech exec who's thinking of running for the Senate in 2020, shared his thoughts on Zuckerberg's politically astute moves and the potential for tech candidates with RTBlog.
  • After Header Bidding: Unified Ad Serving
    As header bidding matures and takes over from waterfall auctions, a number of other developments in the space can be expected. "Traditional ad servers were not built for a programmatic ecosystem, let alone one that operates across channels, devices and ad formats," according to Jeffrey K. Hirsch, CMO & head of U.S. publisher development at PubMatic. So the next step "needs to be unified ad serving."
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