• 6 Predictions For 2016: Conversant's Raju Malhotra Says One View Of Consumers Coming
    Raju Malhotra is SVP of products at Conversant, a company that offers personalized digital marketing services. He says developing a single view of consumer across devices, media and channels will become a broad-based initiative in 2016 and beyond. He also predicts the debate over viewability will draw to a close in favor of what really matters: ad quality.
  • Prep & Predictions: RadiumOne's Dave Zinman On 4 Things You Need To Know For 2016 -- Think iOT
    RadiumOne's Dave Zinman predicts the emergence of IoT data and the maturation of cross-device attribution, among other forecasts.
  • Prep & Predictions: ChoiceStream's Anna McCarthy On 5 Things You Need To Know For 2016; Clients Will Demand More
    Here, McCarthy takes a crack at 2016 predictions and places an emphasis on creative and the fact that your clients are going to be more demanding! She says 2016 will be a year of "truly meaningful creative when it comes to digital advertising," but it will also cost more.
  • Prep & Predictions: TubeMogul's Keith Eadie On 6 Things You Need To Know For 2016 About CTV & More
    I've been chatting with smart people at TubeMogul, the demand-side platform, and they're analyzing trends, seeking to meet customer demand and preparing for the new year. The latest mind in my Prep & Predictions series is TubeMogul Chief Marketing Officer Keith Eadie who weighed in with his predictions for 2016 and thoughts on what's coming next.
  • Prep & Predictions: OneSpot's Adam Weinroth On 5 Things You Need To Know For 2016
    During the last week or so, I've been talking with people from all sectors of the business for a series of predictions for 2016. It's been fun to speak with so many smart people who are thinking hard about the issues in the real-time and programmatic universe, and I've been learning a lot. My most recent conversation led me to Adam Weinroth, CMO of Austin-based OneSpot, a provider of content-marketing technology that works with brand marketers to deliver a personalized content experience in a data-driven way.
  • Can Marketers Meet Brand-Building Objectives Programmatically?
    Can marketers meet brand-building objectives programmatically? Yes, they can, according to a panel of agency executives mulling over the topic.
  • Prep & Predictions Series: Four Things You Need To Know For 2016
    SpotX's Sean Buckley on four things you need to know for 2016: For starters, CTV Inventory will increase.
  • Prep & Predictions Series: Six Things You Need To Know For 2016
    In "RTBlog," we'll be featuring a steady flow of predictions from all constituencies in the real-time marketing and programmatic ecosystem -- from vendors, publishers, research organizations, industry bodies, working groups, agency executives and third parties. Today's predictions come from my former colleague, Lauren Fisher, who is the programmatic analyst at eMarketer.
  • Goodblock: An Ad Blocker With A Purpose
    A company called Gladly on Tuesday will launch a new kind of ad blocker called Goodblock in beta. It's a free ad-blocking browser extension that seeks to give consumers more control over the ads they see. Basically, consumers can download Goodblock and it works on Chrome; the team is working on making it available on Firefox and Safari next.
  • SpotX Releases Development Kit To Support Apple's TVOS
    SpotX, the video inventory management platform, is looking to make it easier for publishers to monetize their Apple TV apps with high CPM video ads. Today, it launched a software development kit for Apple's new connected TV system, tvOS.
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