• How Do You Solve The Real-Time Creative Conundrum?
    With so many different creative formats, including a plethora of video formats, can creative management platforms help scale the challenge of managing creative workflow across geographies and stakeholders?
  • Researcher Finds Programmatic TV Spending Will More Than Double This Year
    Spending on programmatic TV is expected to more than double to $2.16 billion in 201,7 and continue increasing to $4.4 billion by 2018, according to a new forecast by eMarketer.
  • A 'Weather Report' On Ad Blocking And Analytics Blocking
    How useful is a "weather report" on the state of ad blocking and analytics blocking when the company putting out the data is promoting its services?
  • More Uncertainty LIkely -- But Is There Upside To U.K.'s Exit From The E.U.?
    Get ready -- this may hurt a lot. The U.K., the biggest ad market, has voted to leave the European Union. The shock waves were palpable on Friday. The financial markets reacted negatively; we'll have to see how or whether they recover this week.
  • Americans Lead The World In Ad Blocking
    Companies offering anti-ad-blocking tools are popping up all over the place. They're trying to cash in on the industry's furor over ad blocking by promoting software designed to confront its effects.
  • Cloud Analytics Provider Keen IO Delivers Real-Time Native Analytics
    Cloud analytics Platform Keen IO 's new Native Analytics tool enables customers to integrate the company's real-time analytics and advanced visualizations into their own products and services.
  • While Marketers Rely On Content To Make Purchase Decisions, Only 27% Budget For Content Marketing
    Despite growing evidence that consumers rely on content to make purchase decisions, only 27% of Fortune 1000 marketers polled allocate budget to content marketing.
  • Taking Aim At Ad Blocking, NYT Readies Ad-Free Digital Edition
    The New York Times Co. is preparing an ad-free digital edition in response to the sharp rise in ad blocking, according to Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson.
  • What Does Microsoft's Pricey Acquisition Of LinkedIn Mean?
    Is Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn a data play? An identity play? Or something else entirely?
  • Is 'Programmatic' Becoming A Dirty Word?
    Snapchat's recent move to open its platform to third-party advertisers with a new API is likely to create openings for programmatic media, but there's also an unspoken shift away from associating with the word "programmatic."
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