• It's The B2B Identity, Stupid
    What if you could target businesses based on their intent signals using an identity marker as indelible as a consumer's social security number? Well, now you can.
  • Founders Would Have Deemed Pace Of News Unprecedented: Un-President-ed, Too
    On this Presidents Day, I'd like you to think about how the speed of media has changed since our first President, and what implications that holds for a Republic that relies on informed citizens. When our founders declared independence from the British it took six days before the event in Philadelphia was published in newspapers in New York and 43 days before it was published in London.
  • What Is Your Personal Data's Share Of Media Spending?
    After years of erosion, ad industry spending is beginning to gain share vs. the money consumers pay directly for media, especially in the U.S. But there are some new models emerging for underwriting the cost of media that are not yet being properly accounted for in the mix: Specifically, media that is paid for by consumers trading their own identity data.
  • It's Not Just The GDP, Stupid
    On the eve of the State of the Union Address, USA Facts has issued a report on the State of the Union that reflects some volatility in some fundamental areas, including the population, the infrastructure, education, health, crime, defense, the U.S. standard of living, and yes, the economy, too. While the U.S. GDP grew 2.3% in 2019, the weakest of the three years of the current administration, it's on line with the recent historical average since we pulled out of the 2018 recession.
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