• Read Today's Blog, Or Don't
    As an homage to Netflix's debut of "Black Mirror Bandersnatch," today's "RTBlog" is an interactive version. All you need to do is click, scroll and use your eyes to determine where the narrative goes. And unlike "Bandersnatch," this blog can have multiple endings, created by you. All you have to do is post them in the comments field below.
  • 10 Most-Read, 10 Most-Important Stories Of The Year
    It's that time of year when publications publish lists of their most-read stories, so I'm using today's "RTBlog" as an opportunity to do just that. Below that is my personal list of my top 10 stories of the year. Enjoy!
  • CES-ing With Lori Schwartz
    With only weeks to go before this year's CES kicks off, I spoke with StoryTech founder Lori Schwartz about what she has learned over the past few years and what she is most looking forward to this year. Buckle up!
  • Fraudulent Traffic Rising, So Is Ads.txt
    More than 77% of the top 5,000 sites now utilize ads.txt -- overall, delivering invalid traffic rates that are 22% lower than sites that have not.
  • What If Marketers Cut Out A Thousand Cuts?
    What if instead of relying on the current loony scape of programmatic media-buying, big advertisers built their own plumbing from scratch, cutting out the multitude of ad tech middlemen? That's exactly what some big advertisers have begun doing as part of a unique beta project to develop a pipeline that connects directly with their supply chain of publishers, cutting out intermediaries, and with it, the so-called "death by a thousand cuts" that eats up the majority of their working media budget.
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