• Header Bidding Isn't Helping Improve Ad Quality, Brand Safety
    More ad-tech firms are looking to offer, or are already offering, server-to-server header bidding. But client-side header-bidding tactics aren't going away any time soon, even though they're fraught with pitfalls that add to the degradation of the digital ad inventory supply chain.
  • AppNexus Sees Hybrid Server-Side Header Bidding Approach Most Viable
    While server-side header bidding is one approach to current conditions in which publishers find their Web pages bloated with tags, bits of code, and widgets, it comes with its own challenges. AppNexus is eyeing a hybrid approach as it develops its own server-side technology.
  • What Role Does Programmatic Media Play In Brand Safety?
    With the issue of brand safety front and center amid advertiser concerns over the possibility their ads will appear next to offensive content on Google's YouTube, RTBlog asked industry executives to weigh in on the matter, and the degree to which programmatic media buying practices have exacerbated the issue.
  • What's The Real-Time Marketing Potential Of Facebook's Location Tracking Feature?
    Facebook's addition of a new feature to its popular Messenger app will allow users to share their locations continuously, for up to an hour. Apart from texting, that's seriously real-time communication. What are the chances that Facebook will open this feature up to advertising?
  • Sling TV's Partnership With Adobe On Programmatic Advertising
    Sling TV 's diving into programmatic advertising with Adobe. Sling will team up with Adobe's Advertising Cloud to enable marketers to bid in real time on live streaming and video-on-demand.
  • Lack Of Brand Safety Is A 'Death Spiral' For Marketers
    As more advertisers curtail non-search advertising on its platform, Google finds itself in the line of fire and looking for technology solutions that also require human judgment. Google acknowledged it will hire more people and deploy more tech resources to confront the problems advertisers face: not knowing whether their ads will appear next to offensive, hate-filled content on its network.
  • Google Woes Continue To Mount As Brands Suspend Non-Search Advertising
    Google's woes continue to mount as AT&T and Verizon join a growing list of marketers suspending advertising with the company over concerns about extremist content on YouTube.
  • At Issue: Trust, Transparency, And Brand Safety
    It's no secret that advertisers are increasingly demanding more transparency from their agencies, ad-tech vendors, publishers, and other partners. In addition, the issue of so-called "brand safety" has taken center stage, as brands' concerns over where their ads will appear online grows.
  • How Does Storyful Move The Needle On Social Media Content In Real Time?
    Storyful is a social marketing and news company that's trying to make sense of social media for publishers, marketers, and communications teams. A unit of media giant News Corp., it analyzes data from platforms like Facebook YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Weibo to find the most important trends and "news" in real-time.
  • Transparency Takes Center Stage With The Emergence Of Server-Side Header Bidding
    "The obstacle that has challenged the industry in its shift from client-side to server-side header bidding has not been technology, but trust," according to a study released last week by Index Exchange.
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