• More Than 80% Of Alexa 1,000 Have Yet To Embrace Header-Bidding Tech
    We know that more publishers are adopting header bidding and that the technology is moving from client-side header bidding to server-side header bidding. A new analysis by ad-tech firm GetIntent reveals that despite the reportedly growing number of publishers adopting header bidding, most publishers (more than 80% of Alexa's top 1,000 Web sites) have yet to embrace the technology.
  • Adblock Plus Names Members Of Acceptable Ads Committee
    Adblock Plus parent eyeo has named the first members of its Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC), an independent group that will take control of the Acceptable Ads program. It's been rather quiet on the ad-blocking front, so this development is notable.
  • MRC Audits Of Facebook And Google: What's At Stake?
    With Facebook and Google agreeing to undergo audits in order to get accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), it's clear that third-party audience measurement of digital media has shifted into high gear. RTBlog checked in with George Ivie, CEO and executive director of the MRC, to learn about the auditing process and what's at stake.
  • How Neuroscience Measures Ad Recall
    Marketers searching for the secret sauce of how to "engage" with consumers and how to get them to associate specific ads with their brands can look science for some clarity. All marketers want to know how to get into the "mind" of consumers--neuroscience is one way, Pandora found.
  • Truly Addressable Advertising Is Coming
    While cookies won't entirely disappear, in a cross-device, cross-screen world, they no longer make sense. "Once brands get a taste of a truly addressable consumer in digital, they'll look at the GRPs [Gross Rating Points] and will see addressable advertising is a much better way," according to Tony Katsur, CEO, Sonobi.
  • 5 Key Takeaways From Mobile World Congress, In Case You Weren't There
    If case you weren't in Barcelona last week at Mobile World Congress, Mark Connon, global chief mobile officer for AOL Platforms, shares a few observations on hot topics and takeaways.
  • What The Heck Is 'Premium' Content?
    If everyone wants to claim the "premium" mantle, who and what's left? Is "premium" just another word for nothing left to lose?
  • NYT Builds Programmatic Direct Sales Team
    Publishers, like marketers, have created in-house programmatic sales teams and trading desks. Over the last six months, The New York Times Co. has built a six-person programmatic direct sales team as it's responded to marketer interest and demand to transact in this way.
  • Should Digital Media Sellers Adopt A Single Global Viewability Standard?
    While the big news last week was Snap's IPO, the news that matters is the mounting pressure on social media platforms and publishers to assure marketers that their budgets are being spent on advertising that delivers real ROI.
  • How Do You Create A Meaningful Collaboration Between Creativity And Data?
    Data scientists, predictive technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning might seem like they're all ganging up on creativity. But what if they could all work together? What if the technology and the data derived from it could inform creative strategy in a way that makes sense.
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