Adblock Plus Names Members Of Acceptable Ads Committee

Adblock Plus parent eyeo has named the first members of its Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC), an independent group that will take control of the Acceptable Ads program.

It’s been rather quiet on the ad-blocking front, so this development is  notable.

The Acceptable Ads program began in 2011, when Adblock Plus started letting users block most ads, but permitting ads that met criteria for acceptability as long as users chose to participate.

The AAC’s function is to manage the compromise between users who want to block intrusive ads and publishers that are concerned about their advertising revenues -- basically, all publishers.

The AAC said it will take over management of the Acceptable Ads Criteria and the rules for whitelisting that Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser, and Crystal abide by to offer users the ability to block unwanted ads.

While eyeo is facilitating the recruitment of the members constituting the initial AAC, the various member groups represented on the committee itself will seat future committees.



The Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC)  will meet at least two times a year, and  can have a maximum of 11 committee seats, representing nine member groups. While these 11 committee members will sit officially at the meetings, each member group may contain up to 50 members. AAC members therefore are representatives of their respective member groups and are in charge of facilitating conversations within said groups regarding matters considered at AAC meetings.

Eyeo said there are current eight committee seats filled. A consumer seat will be filled at the end of an ongoing recruitment process held on  various social media channels.

Among the members of the member groups:

Advertisers: Dell has one seat

Ad-tech: Rocket Fuel Inc., Rakuten Marketing; Native Ads, Inc., Sharethrough, The Media Trust, Inc., Criteo, Look Listen, ZEDO, Bidio, Inc., Instinctive, Inc., and Adtoma AB have seats.

Advertising agencies: M&C Saatchi Mobile, The Tombras Group, Saatchi & Saatchi, TLGG, and Schaaf-PartnerCentric have seats.

Publishers and content creators: Condé Nast, Dennis Publishing, Local Media Consortium, TED Talks, and Leaf Group have seats.

What eyeo refers to as “Expert coalition”: Jay Morgan of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide), researcher Bloor Research International Ltd., user agent UC Web (maker of UC Browser, a subsidiary of Alibaba).

The application process for joining the AAC is still ongoing.

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