• Look For More Audience-Based Selling, While TV Needs To Use First-Party Data
    Audience-based selling will continue to gain a foothold in 2017 because there will be more ways to do it. VIdeology sees a spike in OTT, VOD, and addressable TV in 2017. More progress in measurement is needed.
  • Hybrid Model Emerging For Marketers That Bring Programmatic In-House
    Some marketers have brought programmatic services in-house, but that doesn't mean they still don't need media agency expertise, leading to a hybrid model. In addition, 2017 will bring a genuine focus on dynamic creative for programmatic campaigns.
  • Will 2017 Be The Year TV Finally Gets Included In Cross-Device Analysis? Stay Tuned
    Tapad, a provider of cross-device analytics and content delivery, makes the bold prediction that 2017 will be the year TV gets included in cross-device analysis, measurement will evolve for cross-device, and programmatic TV will have its day,
  • Target Consumers Around Specific Needs, Get Real About Real-Time Marketing
    Targeting consumers around specific needs makes more sense than targeting them around specific times of the year like Christmas, said Conversant President Ric Elert. The approach generates more opportunities to engage consumers on an ongoing basis.
  • Marketers Have Data, But They Don't Know How To Make It Actionable
    Among the challenges Daniel Brzezinski, chief marketing officer and VP of marketing & product development at GetResponse, sees for 2017: Marketing software is still too hard for marketers to use and integrate, and open platforms need to be able to talk to one another.
  • ROAS Will Drop For Retargeters, Fraud Detection Vendors Offer False Sense Of Security
    Jay Friedman, COO at programmatic media firm, Goodway Group, makes a bold prediction: Return on ad spending (ROAS) will decline for all parties in the ad -ech ecosystem, especially providers of retargeting services.
  • Second-Party Data Is Needed To Understand Audiences
    Tom Laband, CEO and Co-Founder of adsquare, a real-time mobile data marketplace, thinks second-party data is a missing link for understanding audiences, and that creative agencies will need to bulk up on their programmatic and data knowledge in 2017.
  • AOL: Next Frontier Is Bringing Header Bidding To Mobile In-App Advertising
    AOL's Matt Gillis, SVP of publisher platforms, peered into his crystal ball to see header bidding seguing to mobile in-app advertising, increased adoption of header bidding containers, and server-side header bidding in 2017.
  • Factual Sees Increased Sophistication In Use Of Mobile Data In 2017
    Marketers will get more sophisticated in their use of mobile data, and low quality ad networks will die in 2017, according to Rob Jonas, Chief Revenue Officer of Factual, a provider of location data for mobile advertising, mobile apps, and enterprises.
  • PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon Says 'Sequential Storyselling' Will Emerge
    Sloan Gaon, CEO of PulsePoint, a programmatic technology company, believes "sequential storyselling," -- yes, "storyselling," NOT storytelling -- will evolve in 2017.
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