• Mobile Ad-Blocking Rates Are Soaring
    Mobile ad blocking is now estimated to extend to 419 million smartphone users globally, according to a new report by PageFair. That amounts to 22% of the world's 1.9 billion global smartphone users who are blocking ads.
  • How Ad Blocking, Invalid Traffic And Viewability Impact Campaign Delivery
    ComScore's Advertising Benchmarks series infographic found that U.S. males 18 to 24 are 100% more likely to block desktop ads, vs. 42% of women in the same age group.
  • TAG Sets Inventory Quality Guidelines, Trains 20+ Ad-Tech Cos. To Comply
    The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) says more than 20 ad tech companies attended training on Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG).
  • Tackling The Transparency Challenge
    Who hasn't tossed around the word "transparency" in the last day -- or, let's get even more granular, the last hour? Probably no one who reads this column and Real-Time Daily. There are real challenges around the issue of transparency in this business, and they can be looked at through various lenses.
  • Majority Of B2B Companies Bought Digital Display Programmatically Last Year
    Kantar Media conducted an interesting study with Connectiv, the Business Information Association, in which 63% of B2B companies participating said that they'd bought digital display advertising programmatically in the last year.
  • Vertical In-App Mobile Video Ads Offer Greater Impact
    Advertisers have a heavy focus on mobile in-app inventory these days, much of which is being purchased programmatically. When a video ad plays on your phone, typically it's playing in horizontal mode similar to TV ads. But what if the ads on your phone played vertically? InMobi, which focuses heavily on programmatic mobile video, maintains that "vertical video is more impactful for brands," according to Kayla Wilson, head of programmatic partnerships.
  • Xaxis Gets More Serious About Programmatic Native Via Plista's Entry Into North America
    Xaxis on Thursday said its German-based plista unit will launch native programmatic in the U.S. and Canada. It's a significant move, as more ad tech providers seek to cash in on the native programmatic opportunity.
  • OMMA Programmatic Panelists Offer Insight On How They Vet The Vendors
    With so many marketing and ad-tech vendors in the marketplace, how do agencies manage to sort out whom to meet with, not to mention evaluating their offerings?
  • Viacom's Zilberbrand Talks PTV, Audience Segmentation And Data
    Despite all the chatter about programmatic TV (PTV), it's actually a long way off, Julian Ziilberbrand, Viacom's EVP of Audience Science, told an audience at OMMA's Programmatic Conference on Tuesday.
  • Why Ad Fraud May Be A More Pressing Issue Than Ad Blocking
    Is ad fraud a more pressing issue than ad blocking? Both are discussed within the same conversations, but at least one media executive believes ad fraud is taking a bigger bite out of advertisers' wallets than ad blocking--for now, at least.
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