• It's Settled: Here's The Best Case For Blockchain In Digital Media Buying
    I was already thinking about the role blockchain may or may not play in digital media buying, especially the programmatic kind, before Parsec's Marc Guldimann circulated a well organized assessment of some leading digital media-buying blockchain solutions Sunday.
  • How I Became A Third Party: A First-Person Account
    Our industry loves a good party, but lately, it's become obsessed with the first, second and third kind. Here's my first-person account of how Home Depot turned me into a third party that was somebody else's problem: mine.
  • Why Programmatic Is Fueling Digital Video Ad Spending
    There's an interesting sidebar in the "Video Ad Spend" study released last week by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) on the eve of this year's NewFronts. No, not that there's pent up demand from advertisers and agencies for digital video, especially the kind of original digital video represented by IAB members pitching their wares in this year's advance sales season. That should be expected. It's the side note about the role programmatic is playing in the mix. While the "availability of programmatic buying" ranked only ninth among 14 criteria reported in the survey of advertisers and agency executives, it was …
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