• Niche Hunting In A Macro Indsutry
    Earlier this month, RTM Daily reported that Kantar Media had added digital ad networks, exchanges, and other ad tech vendors to its SRDS.com database, giving marketers and agencies the ability to compare before choosing partners. In the time since, Kantar Media gave me a trial look at their database. I'm going to walk you through what I do in real-time. Everything typed below is more or less my stream of consciousness and what I'm learning as I poke around the database.
  • Breaking: All The RTB Projections
    The end of another quarter is on the horizon, and with it comes updated projections for all kinds of markets and submarkets. Today, eMarketer updated their projections for real-time bidding (RTB) not just for the end of 2013, but through 2017 as well. It just surprises me -- in a good way, mind -- that a space that already has so much hype is now almost routinely undersold.
  • Revisiting The Ultimate DMP Debate With AK's Rob Gatto
    In the first RTBlog exploring the ultimate DMP debate, I spoke with champions of both the hybrid data management platform (DMP) and standalone DMP approaches. This time, I asked Rob Gatto, president of Neustar's Aggregate Knowledge, to do something harder than simply explain why he think his offering is better: I asked him to spell out the pros and cons of both sides of the ultimate DMP debate.
  • A Brand's RTB Wish? Real-Time With MRC's Gunzerath On Lifting The Viewability Advisory
    Viewability has been the topic of the week here at RTM Daily, with Undertone co-founder Eric Franchi sharing his thoughts earlier in the week and the Media Rating Council then announcing its plans to lift its viewability advisory in 2014. It's the week before Thanksgiving, but for brands looking to do more than flirt with real-time bidding (RTB), this news might make it feel more like Christmas.
  • Don't Let That Tricksy RTB Make You Pay Less (But You Already Know That)
    "RTB could potentially motivate media buyers to erroneously pay lower prices to advertise online while still expecting equal performance." That's what ExactDrive, a self-serve ad platform, derived after analyzing the performance and bid price of hundreds of online advertising campaigns. But judging by the recently concluded OMMA RTB in Chicago, the industry already knew that. It's not just focused on cheap, cheaper, cheapest, and cheaperest.
  • If You Don't Like What's Being Said, Change The Algorithm
    One of the most surprising insights gleaned during the opening "branding" panel discussion at OMMA RTB Seattle was the discussion about how the "rest of the organization" is reacting to programmatic, particularly the most senior strategists, planners and, well, creative type people.
  • Real-Time With Eric Franchi, Co-Founder Of Undertone, On Viewability
    Buyers and sellers alike are more aware of "viewability" than ever before, and I recently exchanged emails with Eric Franchi, co-founder and chief evangelist of Undertone, on the topic. Franchi said he believes all ad networks are auditing their publishers for viewability, and expressed concerns over advertisers asking for viewability from their media partners despite the Media Ratings Council (MRC) cautioning them to wait. I asked Franchi if viewability means something different to sellers than it does to buyers, what it might look like in 2014, and who holds the most responsibility when it comes to this hot topic.
  • Down The Not-So-Transparent Rabbit Hole
    I learned a lot about transparency at OMMA RTB in Chicago today -- or at least I think I did, because the more I learned about it the more confusing it became. Considering the topic, that's not a good thing.
  • Curiosity Is Not Killing This Cat
    The old proverb says that curiosity killed the cat, but in the case of programmatic advertising, curiosity is proving to be the lifeblood. The IAB hosted a panel on programmatic earlier this week, and what stuck out to me was that so many panelists started sentences with phrases that, when scrutinized, underscore the industry's burning curiosity of the space.
  • Big Data Overload? B2B Marketers Get An 'F' For Real-Time Info Delivery
    A new study has revealed that real-time marketers might not be so good at the whole real-time thing, after all. In fact, the CMO Council study gives "Real-Time Delivery of Sales Intelligence and Breaking News" a big, fat "F" for a grade. And it's not even close to "D" range.
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