• Deloitte List Rich With Programmatic: Real-Time With TubeMogul's Keith Eadie
    In light of the dominant performance by programmatic companies on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 list, RTM Daily speaks with Keith Eadie, TubeMogul's vice president of marketing. Eadie explains why the Deloitte list is different than other lists, why sell-side-focused companies are easier to spot on the list than buy-side companies, what the chain of programmatic adoption has been like on the buy-side, and more.
  • 'Cage Match' Between PubMatic, AppNexus 'Not Good For Anyone'
    AdExchanger ran an interview last week with AppNexus CEO Brian O'Kelley. In the interview, O'Kelley called sell-side platform (SSP) PubMatic "dead," saying, "there's not enough money in the pure publisher business." PubMatic responded the following day via a blog post. They called O'Kelley's comments an "outburst," and likened them to a 3 year old standing up and dropping an F-bomb. One industry expert says the entire situation is "not good for anyone."
  • Forbes Becomes Tech Player, Licenses IP -- Both Kinds
    If you would have asked me back when I started out covering this business in the paleolithic era of analogue media, which publisher would be the most likely to adapt to the current world of real-time digital media, one of the last names that would have come to my mind would have been Forbes. But Forbes has not only become the poster child for publishing in an always-on media world, it's evolving into a platform for others to do it too. It's doing it by focusing on its IP, and I mean that in both senses of the acronym: Internet …
  • Potatoes And Tomatoes: I Say Programmatic, You Say RTB?
    RTM Daily explores the "complexity of translation" with Adap.tv's Phil Duffield, MD of Australia, and Qz Hashimoto, MD of Japan. Is the exchange-based marketplace so complex that it will hinder international growth?
  • Should Ad Nets Push For Publisher Transparency?
    Vieawbility and transparency are two of the biggest topics in the exchange-based marketplace today. My question is: Why don't more ad networks force their publishers to be transparent about viewability ratings? Expontential Interactive's Craig Simmons helps explore.
  • Convergent Audience Buys Projected To Supplant Conventional TV Buys
    The burgeoning audience-based TV/video ad marketplace has a name and some scope now thanks to a marketplace analysis conducted by long-time media industry economist, researcher, consultant and publisher Jack Myers. The analysis, which was passed on to me by Simulmedia Founder Dave Morgan uses a simple name to describe the marketplace, "convergence," and Myers predicts while audience-buying is a relatively tiny sliver of the $75 billion spent on TV and digital video advertising, it will grow rapidly, especially the programmatic elements of it.
  • Real-Time With Jeremy Hlavacek, The Weather Co.'s VP Of Programmatic
    I had the chance to speak with Jeremy Hlavacek, The Weather Company's newly appointed vice president of programmatic, a new role at the company, about his fast moving 2013, his new position, what programmatic looks like at the Weather Co. today and what it might look like next year.
  • Are You Buying That Everyone Is Buying Programmatically?
    "I call into question that chart everyone has been talking about," Barry Lowenthal, president of MDC Partners' The Media Kitchen, said on a panel at this morning's OMMA Premium event. He was talking about the recent figures from Magna Global that say over half (53%) of all online display ad buys in the U.S. in 2013 will be bought programmatically. "I'd love to know who's actually spending 50% of their display budgets programmatically," he continued. "I don't know of anybody that is, so I don't know...where that data is coming from."
  • Clarification: Dollar Shave Club Doesn't Want Sox Players Shaven
    The Nov. 1 RTB Blog story "The 'B' In RTB Stands For Beard (For Now)" about the Boston Red Sox players and their beards noted that the Dollar Shave Club has "challenged Red Sox players to braid/shave their beards for charity." A clarification: Dollar Shave Club does not want the players to shave their beards.
  • The 'B' In RTB Stands For Beard (For Now)
    If you watched even one inning of the World Series, you probably noticed that all of the Red Sox players had beards, most of which were unkempt. And considering the beards brought Boston a victory - because it was clearly all the beards, right? - there has been genuine buzz about the art of the beard.
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